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Thread: Goodbye Sweet Alex

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    Default Goodbye Sweet Alex

    I have been away from the forum for quite some time. I just wanted to let everyone know that three days ago we made the heartbreaking decision to let Alex go. I was blessed to have him for 14 years.
    I cannot thank this forum enough for being there when Alex was first diagnosed. He was originally misdiagnosed with Cushings and started on medication. Leslie and Glynda directed me to the University of Tennessee, he was then diagnosed with Atypical Cushing's. Alex also suffered from Epilepsy, thyroid issues, and IBD. In the end the vet thinks the phenobarbital did too much liver damage. He was also in kidney failure. The ironic thing is that for many years Alex had almost no hair. A few months ago 80% of his hair grew back for no apparent reason. He went to heaven looking cuter than ever.
    My sweet baby Alex, we will miss you forever and always.💔

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    Default Re: Goodbye Sweet Alex

    Dear Cindy,

    Thank you so much for coming back and allowing us to honor your sweet boy. You gave him the very best life possible for a long time and when no more could be done to make his days joyful and pleasant, you gave him the greatest gift of all - freedom from a failing vessel. It is a decision that is never easy yet you faced it with grace and courage....and a deep abiding love.

    I have added sweet Alex's name to the In Loving Memory thread for 2015 where he will always be remembered as a cherished member of our family here at K9C. We would be blessed to help celebrate your lives together thru your memories.

    Many hugs to you, dear lady.
    Our deepest sympathies,
    Leslie, Trinket, Brick, Sophie, Fox, Redd and all our Angels


    You're giving me a special gift,
    So sorrowfully endowed,
    And through these last few cherished days,
    Your courage makes me proud.

    But really, love is knowing
    When your best friend is in pain,
    And understanding earthly acts
    Will only be in vain.

    So looking deep into your eyes,
    Beyond, into your soul,
    I see in you the magic, that will
    Once more make me whole.

    The strength that you possess,
    Is why I look to you today,
    To do this thing that must be done,
    For it's the only way.

    That strength is why I've followed you,
    And chose you as my friend,
    And why I've loved you all these years...
    My partner 'til the end.

    Please, understand just what this gift,
    You're giving, means to me,
    It gives me back the strength I've lost,
    And all my dignity.

    You take a stand on my behalf,
    For that is what friends do.
    And know that what you do is right,
    For I believe it too.

    So one last time, I breathe your scent,
    And through your hand I feel,
    The courage that's within you,
    To now grant me this appeal.

    Cut the leash that holds me here,
    Dear friend, and let me run,
    Once more a strong and steady dog,
    My pain and struggle done.

    And don't despair my passing,
    For I won't be far away,
    Forever here, within your heart,
    And memory I'll stay.

    I'll be there watching over you,
    Your ever faithful friend,
    And in your memories I'll run,
    ...a young dog once again.

    ― In Memory of Asta, Feb. 1997 ♥
    by Karen Clouston

    "May you know that absence is full of tender presence and that nothing is ever lost or forgotten." John O'Donahue, "Eternal Echoes"

    Death is not a changing of worlds as most imagine, as much as the walls of this world infinitely expanding.

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    Default Re: Goodbye Sweet Alex

    Fly free Alex! Fly free!!
    He has been welcomed by many of our fur angels at the bridge. They will watch out for him now.

    I am truly sorry for your loss.


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    Default Re: Goodbye Sweet Alex

    Oh Cindy, of course we remember you and sweet Alex. I am deeply sorry for your loss, but as Leslie has said, I am also very thankful that you have returned to us here. We know how hard you worked to give Alex the best possible life, and now you have given him the gift of release.

    Take good care of yourself, Cindy. And we are always here to support you as you move forward in this new chapter of your own life.

    Sending many hugs,

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    Default Re: Goodbye Sweet Alex

    So sorry for your loss.

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    Default Re: Goodbye Sweet Alex

    Oh Cindy,
    I am so very sorry. You gave Alex a wonderful life with tons of love. Thank you for letting us know of his passing - we all can share with you and be there during your grief.

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    Default Re: Goodbye Sweet Alex

    I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your sweet Alex.

    Isn't that something, all his hair coming back like that.
    Sharlene and the late great diva - Molly muffin (always missed and never forgotten)

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    Default Re: Goodbye Sweet Alex

    dear Cindy
    so sorry for the loss of your sweet Alex. Know that he will be welcomed by Apollo, Zoe in heaven. You will never loss him. He will always be in your heart and soul. They leave their little paw imprint on our souls for ever.
    Sonja, Apollo

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    Default Re: Goodbye Sweet Alex

    Dear Cindy,

    I too remember you and Alex. I was so sorry to read your post. My Zoe also grew her hair back full and lush near the end. That struck me so when I read about your boy.

    We understand your loss, so many of us have lived it too.

    Fly free sweet boy, go find our gang, they will welcome you and you will chase rainbows with them.
    addy, zoe and koko

    My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet. ~Edith Wharton

    Memory is the power to gather roses in the winter

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    Default Re: Goodbye Sweet Alex

    Cindy, belated hugs! I've been absent from the board for a few weeks. Sorry for your loss of Alex.
    Allison and Angel Gizmo

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