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    1. Thereís nothing that could have been done differently

    A Soulís path is planned before they are born onto this Earth. This plan includes all possible exits from this world. And when the Soul leaves this Earth, know that this exit was part of their Soulís plan and a specific choice made by their soul.
    Thereís nothing you, or anyone, could have done differently to save them. The time at which your Petís Spirit leaves this world is no one's doing, itís no one's fault.

    When itís the Soulís time to exit their physical body, everything that can be done, has already been done. Everything that needed to happen, did. Your pet wants you to know that thereís absolutely nothing you could have done differently, you did everything exactly right.

    2. They chose you as their parent(s)

    Just as the Soul chooses exit paths and plans for their life, your pet also selected you as their parent.

    Your dog, your cat, your bird - chose you, as the one who would make them feel the most loved and bring them the most comfort and joy while they were here. And you did.

    Your pet wants you know that you were and are the perfect parent.

    3. They understand your sadness, but would rather see you happy

    As a Spirit now, your pet knows that sadness is part of the grieving process, but they wished it wasnít.

    Remember how, when they were alive, they would snuggle up next to you, sitting by your side (or on top of you), whenever you were feeling sad or feeling bad? They wanted to make you feel better *just like you thought* and they wished they could do something to make you happy, then. And they still do, even now, They donít want their exit to have brought pain, in fact, no one does. But they understand that this is part of the process.

    They want you to remember the happy, love filled, and joyous times you spent together, and look back upon them with gratitude and thanks. They believe the time you spent together was a cherished gift and that this gift is a call for celebration - and smiles.

    4. They know you loved them and hope you know they loved you back.

    Your pet doesnít want you to wonder if they knew how much you loved them, they do.

    Itís said that grief is the final gift of love given from one to another, and the depth of that grief is a measure of the strength of the love between the bond.

    They know how deeply you loved them, and they want you to know that they loved you back in equal measure (if not more!).

    5. Theyíre still right by your side

    You arenít alone. They arenít gone forever - theyíre still right by your side. And they always will be, if you let them. The Spirit World exists right alongside our physical world, and while your pet may no longer be occupying their physical body, theyíre still with you in Spirit.

    And remember, thatís who you loved in the first place. You loved their mannerisms, their attitude, and their personality - all elements of their Spirit. You didnít love them for their fur, or their one standing straight up ear, or their snaggle teeth (ok, maybe you did a little). Mostly, you loved them for who they were as a Spirit, and that Spirit, still exists right beside you.

    After they pass on, your pet wants you to know that they still cuddle up next to you, still join you on the couch, and still want to be with you, if you want that too.

    6. They still want to do things with you

    Theyíre still here, in Spirit form, and they still enjoy your company and want to do the things you always did together.

    If they used to ride shotgun on car trips, or they used to love accompanying you on hikes, bike rides, or jogs, or they used to love sitting on your lap while you worked late at night - you pets wants you to know, they still enjoy doing those things, and still want to join you.

    All you have to do to invite them along, is pat the couch beside you and encourage them to jump up, or give them the okay to hop out of the car and accompany you on the hike.

    7. They donít want you to regret the way that they died

    This is a sad one, especially for us. Mama died suddenly and in my husbandís arms, and her final moments are images he canít shake. And heís not alone. Nearly all pet owners have some sadness or regret about their petís final moments.

    If you had to carry your dog into the vet to be put to sleep, your dog does not want you to regret this choice. It was their choice, too, to be in your arms as they took their final breaths, and to be surrounded by your love as their Spirit left their body.

    Your pet wants you to have no regret and to have no sadness, they want you to know that these were their choices, and you honored them perfectly. You did exactly what they wanted.

    8. They know you often loved them more than you loved yourself

    Even if you didnít have proper food to eat, they know you somehow managed to buy them food and treats. Your pet knows that you often showered them in more love than you ever showed yourself. They know this, and they have deep gratitude for your love. This is exactly why you were the perfect choice as their parent, and they want to thank you, for loving them even when at times it seemed so hard to love anything at all.

    9. They loved you more than they loved themselves

    Your pet was an individual, too. They had things they felt badly about and things that they knew could be improved upon, and reasons, that they felt they were unworthy of love, just like we all do.

    But you, you were always supportive, always loving, and always doting, even at times, when you thought you werenít. Your pet loved you, and loves you, more than they ever loved themselves.

    And if youíll allow it, theyíd like to still be a part of your life.

    As for Mama, my husband, Tom and I are lucky. We are now at a stage in our lives where we can see, feel, and hear Spirit. Which means, even on the night of her passing, we saw her, felt her, and heard her around.

    Sheís still with us, just like your pet, is still with you.

    And as I type this post, I can feel her big head on my leg, nudging to be pet.

    You can learn to feel it too, and learn how to connect with your pet in their new, Spirit only form.

    To get started, all you have to do is trust your intuition and your inner knowingness.

    If you feel like you heard your dogís claws tip tapping on the hardwood, you did.

    If you feel like you saw your cat laying on the bed for a split second, you did.

    Or if youíve been crying, and you feel a heavy tingling sensation, leaning on you, you did.

    It was them, wanting to comfort you. They want you to be happy again.
    "May you know that absence is full of tender presence and that nothing is ever lost or forgotten." John O'Donahue, "Eternal Echoes"

    Death is not a changing of worlds as most imagine, as much as the walls of this world infinitely expanding.

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    Default Re: Nine things.....

    Oh Leslie, that is so beautiful, thanks so much for sharing it with us.

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    Default Re: Nine things.....

    Thank you Leslie!!!!

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    Default Re: Nine things.....

    Dear Leslie
    Thank you so much for this beautiful quote.
    I was having , I. call my Apollo and Karma day, crying, missing my babies terrible, the what if's , could have, would have. And this helped me a lot.
    Sonja,Apollo, Karma

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