Thank you for welcoming me. My maltipoo, Kaya age 7, has been diagnosed/treated for Cushings since Sept of 14' I am alarmed at this time as she has begun to loss her vision, thus causing the vet to say her pituitary tumor is growing rapidly. I am curious if anyone in the group has experienced a similar situation with their dog? My course of action is to make an appointment with a vet in the NJ area to get a CT scan; the game plan is to get an idea of the size of the tumor and then make my sweetie comfortable as possible. I am feeling perplexed after doing hours of research, if I should put her thru the sedation and the CT scan because there is not a course of treatment I can financially pursue (surgery, radiation, chemo = only options) nor would I put her through that at this point with her loss of vision and her anxiety (she is nervous now and confused) Any words of wisdom for me?