Judi, omigosh itís great to see you here!

I canít believe your bad luck with the movers, but Iím so relieved your house finally sold and that you like where youíre living now. Itís about time you finally started having some *good* luck, girl!

And yep, a K9C reunion would be great, thatís for sure. Back some years ago (many years ago now?), Glynda spearheaded an effort to get the clan together down in the southwestern U.S. I couldnít be there, but the folks that did make it had a great time. Those were the days, back when we had so many active members and so many conversations going on the forum. I sure do miss those times, but always remain grateful for our friends who continue to meet together here now. So Iím thrilled to see you back ďhomeĒ again today! And who knows, maybe another reunion will pop up in our future.

In the meantime, stay safe! And definitely please keep checking back in ;-).