As I read through these memory threads, I know the tears that have been shed would probably fill an ocean.

It was a month today you left me, and I'm just as raw with emotion over you as if it was just a minute ago you said goodbye.

I miss you walking through the shower after I was finished, licking the plain yogurt container, lifting your head from your bowl wondering if I was going to add more chicken... the excitement when seeing your towel bag knowing we were going for swim therapy, nosing your leash to let me know you wanted to go out and once the leash was on putting it in your mouth to pull me out the door. All your toys you used to run and get for guests, once you saw they were there for a visit. Soooo many memories that right now cannot make me smile but only bring the biggest heartache and tears anyone can imagine.

It is so hard to come here and write all these things about you, as it only brings on the tears that I have so much trouble trying to control.
Miss you and love you every single day...