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Thread: Vetoryl in Australia

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    Hi Ruby's Mum. I am in Perth and my vet ordered my tablets from a local compounding chemist that they use. The good thing about getting it compounded is that you don't have to increase the dose according to what Dechra make. I got 100 trilostane tablets (which is the same as Vetoryl) at 35mg for $170. Which is nearly what I was paying for 30 days of the Vetoryl.

    Ask your vet who they use and they should put the prescription through for you. The most important thing is that it should be a reputable compounding agency.

    If you are in WA I can tell what agency my vet uses 😊
    Hi I'm in perth have a question about compounded cushings meds

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    Jules - look on the thread you started and you will find some information members have shared with you concerning compounded meds in AU. Here is the link to your baby's thread:
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