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Thread: Our 9 year old mutt, Penny, in the dx process

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    Default Re: Our 14 year old mutt, Penny

    My vet discussed Penny's situation with an internist and they decided it would be better for Penny to remain on the Vetoryl since she is so well controlled. The internist said the issues with Vetoryl and the kidneys is in the case of an overdose.

    So we have been feeding Penny homemade chicken and rice for two days, then yesterday we started mixing it with chicken stew k/d. She ate pretty well so far. Every few days we will decrease the chicken and rice and increase the k/d. We also have been given a couple doses of an appetite stimulant called Entyce.

    Day by day. Smooches and walks and love.

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    Default Re: Our 14 year old mutt, Penny


    I'm glad you discussed this with Penny's vet but this statement:

    The internist said the issues with Vetoryl and the kidneys is in the case of an overdose.
    is absolutely incorrect. The manufacturer of the drug, the one who MADE the drug, says in no uncertain terms that their drug should not be given to a dog with renal insufficiency and that certainly includes kidney failure. They make no mention of overdose with this warning. You are of course free to continue the drug in spite of the manufacturer's clear statement to the contrary but I want you to be fully aware of the choice you are making. Sadly, we have seen many dogs made sick(er) even to the point of death due to vets who refuse to follow the directives for this very powerful drug. Vets are not infallible so it is up to us to be our baby's advocate since they cannot read nor speak for themselves. Part of what we do here is educate the parents so they can make decision for their babies with eyes fully open. I hope I have achieved that with Penny.

    We will of course be with you every step of the way regardless but I couldn't stay silent in the face of this statement from Penny's misguided vets.

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    Default Re: Our 14 year old mutt, Penny

    It may have been mentioned earlier (sorry if it has) but i just wanted to add that dechra who make the drug are happy to speak to vets re dogs taking vetoryl. My previous vet and current one have both spoken to them about Bo.

    It would be worth asking them to get in touch if they do not believe you when you get back in touch with them after Leslies informative post.

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