Thank you all for responding to help me with the behavior problems concerning my new little girl, Trixie.

Thank you especially Saskia (-:

I found the following article which does possibly explain some of Trixie's characteristics, but I guess since I am not a veterinarian, it might be thinking out of the box:

However, when I saw the stuff about the spinning, I really identified with the possibility that she might be exhibiting OCD behaviors. Her rescue mama said she was pleasantly energetic -- a little on the high side, but not hyper or manic.....and she spent a lot of time running up and down the fence when she was living with her for about two years, I guess.

Also, she ate her poop -- not as soon as I brought her home, but just out of the blue one night....that problem manifested itself. Because I cleaned it up right away, I might have broken the cycle. She doesn't seem so interested.

We have a "dog communicator" who volunteers her time helping people for a donation (not required) to one of her dog charities and she is coming Thursday, next week. I told her I would be honored to contribute! Also, we have the appointment next Tuesday to recheck the UTI.

Does anyone know why a young dog would have high cholesterol
(293) as well as a high anion gap? 20.4. The rest of the profile was unremarkable. Normal values for the cholesterol at this lab: 125-250 and the anion gap: -2.0 to 16.0

Her CBC in February was also unremarkable. The EOS were high, but she was rechecked in a week or so and the reading had returned to normal.

She itches only in my yard, never in my house.

Thanks. Buffy & Trixie's Mom