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Thread: Help with cushing in a rednose pitbullxbull mastiff

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    Default Help with cushing in a rednose pitbullxbull mastiff

    hello everyone im hoping to get some advice my dog recently underwent surgery to remove a turkey bone from his throat he is recovering well but the surgery cost 4000 dollars now im broke and have just been told he may have cushions disease wich sonds right since he has all the symptoms .
    the vet quoted 300 dollars for test then for meds 180 a month for meds , I can't afford this , is it feesable to just purchase the meds much cheaper online and give them to him without the test .
    thankyou for any help that woul'd be great cheers

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    Default Re: Help with cushing in a rednose pitbullxbull mastiff

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    Default Re: Help with cushing in a rednose pitbullxbull mastiff


    Absolutely please do the test!

    I completely understand the financial issues associated with vet bills. Boo hiss!!!
    I've been unemployed for a number of years and other members here have limited incomes.

    There is a credit card for vet bills through Care Credit

    They offer special financing programs so that you don't have to pay interest for quite some time.

    In order to determine the type of Cushings (adrenal gland or pituitary gland) that your dog has, and then the appropriate medication and dosage - these tests are absolutely necessary. Periodically, they'll need to be repeated to ensure that your dog is on the appropriate dose of medication.
    They might suggest and ultrasound too which is a good idea.

    Cushings is highly treatable and your dog can live out his natural life span if treated properly.

    Many of us order medications through Diamondback Pharmacy and the cost is considerably lower than what a vet or local pharmacy charges.

    First we have a few questions to get us familiar with your dog
    How old is he?
    How much does he weigh?

    What tests is your vet suggesting because some are more accurate than others and if your pet is recovering from surgery or has an infection, it is best to wait until they are well again because some health issues can make the results not as accurate which is extremely important.

    PLEASE familiarize yourself with the helpful resources part of this forum. Many of us have found that there are many vets who don't know enough about properly treating Cushings which can have dire consequences which can be avoided. Each dog responds uniquely which makes treatment complicated.

    Learn as much as you can and absolutely ask questions and post detailed test results so that more experienced members on here can interpret them for you. If you doubt your vets knowledge, DO change vets. Some of us use our general vets for care except for Cushings, an IMS (small animal vet) has more knowledge and most are willing to work with general vets for optimum care.
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