Today would have been Hamish's 16th birthday, but I tell him every day how much I miss him. We were so lucky to have him in our lives because he taught us so much, especially to make the most of every opportunity, give 110% but take time to relax and smell the flowers. He took the many changes in his life in his stride - the loss of my Dad, living with us, moving to Canada.

He made so many friends and when we left England they organised a leaving party for him. He had his own Facebook page to keep in touch with them, and tell them about his travels. He visited most of England and Scotland, plus 25 US states, NYC, Chicago, Boston, DC, Detroit, and 4 Canadian provinces, taking hotel and cottage stays in his stride. He particularly enjoyed the elevators, sticking his nose out just as the doors were closing, kissing a lady who asked if he was friendly, and surfing down the corridors on the luggage carts! He seemed to enjoy the night we got stranded on Mull, snoring loudly and leaving us with an inch each on the bed. He was our action dog joining us on snowmobiles, kayaking trips and hikes, and our partner in crime.

We have so many happy memories of our time with him.
RIP Hamish 7 August 1997 - 1 January 2013