Hey Leslie, there’s no longer a page that’s permanently dedicated to any group. However, if you include “K9C” in the body of your message, then your candle can be viewed alongside all others who have also been posted by a member of our family — just enter K9C into the search query box. Many days there are no K9C candles to be searched out, and you’ll get “no results found” in response to a search query. But any time that a K9C candle has been posted, you can find it. I do light candles fairly often, as do a few other folks. There were several candles lit at various times during the holidays, which was heart-warming.

To give you something to search for, I just now lit a candle, myself. So if you go back and plug in “K9C” as the search query, you should find it. And once again, it doesn’t matter where you put K9C in your own message when you light a candle, just so long as it’s somewhere within the body of what you’ve written.