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Thread: Checking in for May 2009

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    Smile Checking in for May 2009

    We suspect that we have a good number of folks here who read the messages regularly but who don't post very often. Maybe that's because their dogs are doing well and they don't have any questions to ask, or maybe they don't feel very comfortable about posting answers to other members' questions.

    It's perfectly understandable and acceptable for folks to only post here once in a while, but when we don't hear from people, many of us find ourselves wondering what those folks have been up to recently and how their dogs are doing.

    "Checking in" is a topic that we start on the first of each month, where folks can post a reply to let everyone else know how they are doing. You may just want to say "Hi! We're still here and we're doing fine" or you may want to tell us more -- about a really good test result, or something funny that your dog did recently, or a camping trip that you went on ... that sort of thing.

    We'd love to hear from you!

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    Default Re: Checking in for May 2009

    It will soon be 2 months since we lost Rusty. I still check out the site. I probably check the memorial thread the most.

    Thanks for all the support you provide to those of us who really need it.

    I'm doing fine. We still miss our Rusty so very much! Time does pass, and the healing does begin. Boy, that's so fortunate, isn't it.

    This site and all you folks who make up this site will always have a tender spot in my heart.

    With thankful blessings,


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