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Thread: My Precious Angel Dakota

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    Dakota my beautiful Angel, I haven't written for a while. It is so hard to believe but today marks 15 years since you had to leave me. I have been thinking about you all day. I miss you every single day, along with little bubs Jasper. And now your baby sister that you didn't know on earth is there with you too. She hasn't been there long and Momma is just heartbroken again. You are magical so I know you recognized her right away and were waiting for her when she arrived, with Jasper's help. I know you are taking good care of both of them. You may need to teach little Shelby a thing or two about how to get along with other fur babies. She was not the best at that here on earth, and you just loved everyone you ever saw. Momma loves and misses you so. Forever in my heart my Dakota girl. xoxo
    The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth will ever be. ~ Konrad Lorenz

    The beautiful ones you always seem to lose. ~ Prince

    And the road goes on forever... ~ Gregg Allman

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    Hey Dakota, it’s your Auntie Marianne thinking of you and your mom and the love that you’ll share forever. You and your cousins are all finally together now, probably racing around as fast as your feet will fly! All on strong healthy legs. All with bright eyes. All with perfect hearts and proud happy spirits.

    I know you and Peg are surely best friends. Our beautiful shiny black girls. But now you have two more cousins to watch over. And some other new arrivals, too. Sweet little Doree, and dear Bentley, and I know there are others as well. Watch over them all, our Dakota girl, while knowing that your earthly family here still remembers and honors you. Today and every day.

    Sending my love to you and to your mom, always.

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