Another year without you my sweet precious Angel. It's so hard to believe it has been this long. I think about you so much every day, and still miss you so. Some days it is still quite devastating to think that I will never again see you on this earth. My thoughts go back to the awful day you had to leave, and I am still so torn up over that. I have been struggling with that a lot lately for some reason, not exactly sure why. Just missing you I guess. I hope you can hear all my conversations with you. I still leave the house every time with our usual see you later and be back soon. xo

Your baby brother seems to be doing fairly well right now I think, and we continue to battle all of his issues, old and new. At times, that can be a full time job. He has some worrisome blood work right now, so please keep watching over him and help him keep up the good fight. He really is a tough little boy, but has a lot going on. And as always, guide me to always do what is best for him and make the right decisions as we continue on this journey.

This morning I see the sad news that we have lost a few more precious babies from our K9C family. That is always tough, but hits particularly hard now on this anniversary. I know that you will help greet them as they arrive at the bridge, and show them the ropes, along with all the others who have gone before them.

I love and miss you up to the stars. Always in my thoughts and heart, my beautiful Dakota girl.

Love you,
Mom (and Jasper too) xo