Good Morning Dear Family,
I promised an update on Koko and his newly found growth. It is a perianal gland tumor. Koko’s tumor was small, about 6 mm however it was located very close to his anus about less than 1/4” away. It did not bother him: Cytology confirmed the tumor; indication were benign, cells are similar to malignant growth so not 100 percent positive benign.
These growths usually appear in non neutered males or late neutered males though they can occur in spayed females and neutered males. They are thought to be hormone driven. I see no evidence of Cushing in Koko but wonder if his intermediate hormones could be in play.
I found a really capable surgeon trained at U.C Davis and had a pedigree education. I was hoping that would mean he had treated numerous dogs as our regular vet had only seen this growth in one neutered male in all his years of practice.
The thing is, sometimes these tumors show up then go away on their own, sometimes they grow slowly and sometimes they grow larger. Because of its location and our confidence in the surgeon, we had the tumor removed Thursday. Because of Koko’s age and other chronic conditions, we did sedation and a local.
Koko is recovering well, surgery went well and we wait for the pathology report to confirm it is benign.
I thought it important to note that perianal gland tumors can occur in dogs with Cushings.
If anyone ever has a question about it, I am now a walking encyclopedia on the subject lol.
There are not many abstracts or case studies to be found written in the U.S. and up to date.
Thankfully the surgeon I found had a wealth of knowledge as well and the two of us could talk it through.
I am hoping My Koko will be out patio dining around town very soon.
He has been a brave little boy but his reverse soft cone has to be worn at night and it causes him much anxiety.
Ten more days and hopefully we will all get a good nights sleep.
Happy Memorial Day dear friends,