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Thread: Flynn 11 y/o Foxie Cross - Right adrenalectomy- Good Bye Flynny We will miss you

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    Default Re: Flynn 11 y/o Foxie Cross - Right adrenalectomy- Good Bye Flynny We will miss you

    Good morning.. hi to Marianne, Leslie and Kathie! So sorry to hear about your Mum Marianne, that would leave a huge gap in your life and I don't think it matters what age they are when they go they are irreplaceable your amazing Leslie taking in all the pups you have over the years, makes me laugh how Bud decided well this is home for me now and I staying!! Wet noodle indeed lol Yes Kathy it was fun wasn't it and I do often think of all the good friends who have come in and out of my life by visiting K9C x

    Yes Elle is still with us. She is 9 now and still my parents faithful little companion. I'm not sure how long ago it was and if I was still posting here but at least 2 or 3 years back some a***hole shot her with a slug gun. It shattered her front elbow and she needed surgery and was in a cast for several weeks while it healed. She was struggling a bit with arthritis over winter and had a few visits to see lovely Mike who is still our vet, he has recently put her on cartrophen and told Mum who took her in.. oh Trish can give her these injections she used to do it with Flynny. So I am still doing that weekly for another couple of weeks then he will review and we can go out to monthly if all good. Now spring is here we are also hoping the warmer weather will help her. She is to have a dose of metacam if she looks obviously sore but Mum hasn't needed to give her much. The kittens (or cats now) are very healthy, they only have a yearly visit to Mike for a checkup and their vaccinations and long may it stay like that!
    Stop worrying about what can go wrong and start getting excited about what can go right!

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    Default Re: Flynn 11 y/o Foxie Cross - Right adrenalectomy- Good Bye Flynny We will miss you

    Hi Trish, (Waving wildly)!!!

    So glad you returned to tell us about our beloved devil cat, Elle. I often think of the photo you shared with us with both Elle and Flynny snoozing on opposite end of the couch, in front of the fire at your folks house. So sorry to hear that Elle had been shot, but also relieved to hear that she is still around and recovering. You have the gift for story telling and do it so well. I could always see Flyinny digging up treasures in the sand, or Elle taking a swipe at Flynny. I loved to hear about Fresh catch Friday fish for dinner. So many moments shared together.

    Thank you so much for updating us. You are truly missed. xxxooo
    Kathy and Angel Buddy. The mightiest of all lizard hunters!

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    Default Re: Flynn 11 y/o Foxie Cross - Right adrenalectomy- Good Bye Flynny We will miss you

    Oh how I miss everyone here. The years have passed, but our beautiful souls will always be connected through our Angels. We have since added a new poodle to our troop. He is a black toy named Toby. He plays with Latte, who has aged gracefully. Latte now is 13 going on 14. I know deep down, Latte still remembers his old Angel Bo and the times they shared. Toby has been a beautiful blessing and adds so much laughter to our lives.

    Keeping the spirit alive, Always,
    Belinda Creel
    Angel Bo, Latte (13) and Toby (3)
    Belinda Creel,
    Mom of Angel Bo, My Little Latte and now our newest Toby.

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