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    I have been reading a book I purchased about Cushings and it mentioned the possibility of not vaccinating our babies against some of the yearly vaccines that they are normally given at their yearly check-up. Any thoughts? I will be taking all of my babies in a few weeks and would like to know what others have done w/their Cushing babies. Thanks a million.

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    Vaccination is up to you and your vet depending on what risks your dog may have. The rabies vaccination is required in some states every year or every three years. Dr. Ron Schultz UW Madison has been doing research to try to supply studies to communities to change the law first to five years and then to seven years as that is what his research show. Some of us get rabies waivers from our vets if we decide it is appropriate. Only you and your vet can make that decision.

    As for the other vaccinations, some vets will do titer testing to see if the vaccination is needed. I have my non Cush dog titered. My Cush dog does not receive any vaccinations. That is my choice based on her risk assessment which is subject to change.

    Hope that helps. I am sure others will chime in.


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    Some of us have recently engaged in a related conversation on another member's thread. I'll go ahead and give you a link to the point at which the vaccination discussion starts, and then you can continue reading through the thread in order to gather some additional thoughts about this question. Here's the link:


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    As Farfalle is on immunosuppressants he needs to be vaccinated however we only do it every 3-5 yrs depending on his titres. He is allergic to Lepto and Bordatella vaccines so he only receives rabies (as it is law here) and the parvo combo one (but without the lepto).
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