Annie baby,

A month ago I set you free so that you could run without pain. You fought so hard for two years. You taught me so much along the way - I was honored to be your mom.

Yesterday I brought you home and one day your ashes, along with Haley's will join mine as we make the next journey.

In the meantime I hope you are romping, chasing rabbits and having a grand time with Haley and other friends. If you can see me you know that I miss you horribly and honor you with tears on a regular basis.

Memories of healthier times sustain me and one day, when I have healed a bit more I will share them to honor all that made you the terrific companion you were.

For now, just know you are loved, missed and I am grateful for every single minute I had with you. Take care my little angel.

Love you always,