Happy New Year to you, too, Joan! I totally get it about downsizing the tree and the ornaments óIíve done exactly the same thing. We used to have a huge tree and it took a ton of ornaments. Now the tree is much smaller, and Iíve pulled the most special ornaments out of the tubs to use, leaving the rest all packed up. Of course the most special of all are the photo ornaments of all the family pets through the years ó they go on first and get the prime spots.

I can easily imagine how your heartstrings were pulled by those images of Lena and Gable alongside the tree. Sweet, sweet memories, indeed. Such sweet Cushbabies, both of them. Iím so sorry that you and they ended up afflicted with this disease. But if thereís any silver lining at all, itís that they brought you to our family. For that weíre so grateful, for all the help you give us and all the support you give to our members.

You deserve a safe and happy new year, Joan, and I truly hope thatís exactly what youíll be getting in 2020!