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Thread: Holidays can be hard...

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    Aha, so you’re in Indiana now! I was born and raised in Iowa, went to college in Colorado (we flat-landers do love the mountains!) where I met hubby, then we lived in Los Angeles for a few years (his original home), but now have been in Atlanta ever after. I spent far less years of my life in Iowa, but honestly it’ll always remain “home” to me, after all.

    We would love to see those photos of Ginger. If you’d like, you can email them to us at and maybe I (or more likely another staffer who’s much better at manipulating photos ;-) can get them uploaded into a reply here. I’m such a doofus myself that I can’t make any promises, but I’m surely willing to try!

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    I will definitely do that! You will love them. Thank you so much!

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