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Thread: Farfelle - Cushings and Surgery...sweet Farfalle has crossed The Bridge

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    Unhappy Farfelle - Cushings and Surgery...sweet Farfalle has crossed The Bridge

    Wasn't sure where to put this as it's not a Cushings issue per say but could be I suppose.

    Farfalle is going in for a dental with extractions tomorrow. While he is under, they are also doing X-rays of his hips, shoulders, knees and elbows and a possible cyst removal from his rump (not sure if it's big enough yet). He will also be having the full Senior blood panel prior to surgery.

    I'm a bit freaked out over the blood clot risk during surgery for Cushings pups. Also, he has severe allergies so I am worried about the anesthesia. He had a dental about 5 years ago and was fine but that was pre-Cushings and his allergies have become much more severe since then.

    I am terrified he is going to die during the procedures. We just lost our Bazil in May after a long hard battle with Cushings and Diabetes (in the end to was a brain bleed that killed her). I'm still heartbroken and grieving over her death and I just can't bear the thought of possibly losing Farfalle too.

    How big is the blood clot risk? Am I freaking out for nothing? He is going to be ok right?
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    Zoey (JRT) age 1yr:
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    Farfalle (JRT) RIP Aug 2012, age 13yrs:
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    Bazil (JRT) RIP May 2011, age 14yrs:
    diagnosis Oct 2008, Trilostene 20mg/daily, Diabetic, Glaucoma, blind

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