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Thread: Financial Resources to help with Vet bills

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    Arrow Financial Resources to help with Vet bills

    We thought it would be a good idea to posts these in one place so each member can at least have access to these sites easily. While we have made reasonable efforts to ensure these are legitimate organizations, we do encourage you to further research before becoming involved with them. (Please note that if you are using a VPN or system firewalls, the site may come up as "unsecure." You may turn off your VPN or query any search engine the Name of the Organization to follow a link differently.)

    These links offer state-by-state summaries of available assistance programs for pets/owners in need:

    Coupons easily obtained on the internet can provide deep discounts on both veterinary and human prescription drugs in the U.S. See this thread for a full discussion:

    AAA offers 15% off on Brand and 20% on generic drugs at CVS, Wallmart, Cosco and other pharmacys if you are a automobile club member and present your card with the prescription savings discount card. Here is the link for the discount card.

    The Tipper and Squirt Care for Cushing's Fund

    Care Credit for Veterinary care

    American Animal Hospital Assn helping pets

    The Pet Fund:

    ACTSS Animal Cancer Therapy Subsidization Society (Alberta, Canada)

    Facebook page:*F

    assistance dogs (for guide dogs, etc.)

    Canine Cancer Awareness

    DDEAF Emergency Med. Sup. Fund (deaf dogs)

    Farley Foundation (Ontario, Canada)'s list of Financial aid organizations:

    Magic Bullet Fund (cancer)

    NY S.A.V.E. (New York City only)
    Facebook page:

    Orthodogs - this site is shutting down. We are attempting to find another source for our members. Admin Staff

    PDSA (British)

    Senior Dogs list

    Sierra Fund - cancer[/url]

    Small Paws

    United Animal Nations is now RedRover

    *Thanks to judymaggie, labblab, sweetpea, zoesmom and mytil for many of these links ...
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