Hello, my friend!

Jeanie, I hope you will be stopping by today, on this special day of remembrance. Once again -- can we believe it??? -- another year has passed by. Faster and faster and faster, they seem to go. But on days like today, all of a sudden the time drops away. And it is as though it was only yesterday that Maggie was still in your arms. I know that today she is filling your heart!

As always, I hope you and the girls are doing well. My girls have had some major ups and downs this year, but right now <knock on wood> everybody is doing good.

I lit my special candle last night for both Barkis and Maggie. I just know that they are best friends at The Bridge -- probably swapping stories about all the crazy things that you and I do . As always, Jeanie, I send you my warmest wishes on this special day, and everyday.

With many hugs, always in loving memory of your sweet girl.