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Thread: Attention Members - How to stay logged in while typing long replies

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    Arrow Attention Members - How to stay logged in while typing long replies

    Just a reminder, for new members and anyone else who doesn't know - when you login, be sure and check the "Remember me" box.

    It will put a cookie from our site on your computer so that you won't get logged out while you are in the middle of typing out a long post or reading through other members' posts. You will also be automatically logged in here the next time you visit - unless you click on "Log Out", in which case you will have to log in again the next time you visit us.

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    Default Re: New members - Don't forget to check "Remember me"

    Also, for new members who aren't used to the way message boards like this one work, please note that there is often more than one page of replies in any given thread/topic.

    Once the number of replies gets to a certain amount, the most recent replies in the thread will be on the next page (page 2, 3, 4, 5 etc ...) of that particular topic.

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    Default Re: Attention New Members - How to stay logged in while typing long replies

    Hi ya'll,

    I read often that someone had just written a long post and it disappeared. Happens to me OFTEN on this laptop since I apparently have lazy thumbs that tap the little pad of their own volition. It's mind-boggling the places I find myself at times with no idea how I got there!

    So let me share a little trick with ya'll that will save your posts so they aren't as easily lost.

    Look under the box you type in to reply to someone, just below the double row of little icons, and you will see the "Submit Reply" and "Preview Post" buttons. While typing a reply, click the "Preview Post" button. A new page will open that shows what you have written so far in the form we are used to reading on the threads while just under that is the box you are currently typing in, still workable.

    The portion of your post that is being "previewed" has been saved. The "Preview Post" button works like the "Save" button in MS Word, etc.

    From here, you continue to type, clicking the "Preview Post" button as often as you wish - I find I use it several times during a longer reply. You can also edit what you have written, make additions and deletions, etc. without losing the whole post.

    If you accidentally hit the "Submit Reply" button before you are through with your post, all you have to do is click the "Edit" button and the post will reopen so you can finish. If you wish to add icons, etc to the rest of you post in the "Edit" mode, click on the "Go Advanced" button in the lower right hand corner of the reply box.
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