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Thread: FDA Bars Teva Veterinary Drugs

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    Default FDA Bars Teva Veterinary Drugs

    FDA bars Teva vet drugs on compliance issues August 3, 2009

    "More manufacturing problems, more FDA action. This time it's Teva Pharmaceuticals in the stocks--but veterinary meds, not people drugs. The FDA announced late Friday that it had filed a consent decree requiring Teva Animal Health to get the agency's once-over and okay before making or selling any more animal treatments. The decree also prohibits the company and three executives from making and distributing "adulterated" veterinary drugs.

    "FDA said its inspectors had found "significant" violations of good manufacturing practice at the company's facilities in St. Joseph, Mo. "The FDA will not tolerate the manufacture and distribution of adulterated animal drugs," Michael Chappell, the FDA's acting associate commissioner for regulatory affairs, said in a statement. "Veterinarians and pet owners can be assured that the FDA will investigate and take regulatory actions against companies that produce animal drugs under conditions and controls that are inadequate.""

    Those of you who are using other meds may want to check if you have any Teva-produced products at home.

    The link is to a searchable database of their products.


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    Default Re: FDA Bars Teva Veterinary Drugs

    Yikes, I have been using DVM products for years (DVM and IVX are now owned by Teva). I've used "Derm-Caps" in the past, and am currently giving Peg "3V Caps."

    This is very disappointing news, and will prompt me to switch to a different fish oil supplement -- at least for the foreseeable future! Teva makes TONS of veterinary products (as shown in the link to their product list that Kathy has included above), so I'd encourage everybody to check through their pets' "medicine cabinets" to see whether or not they have any other compromised products on hand.


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