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    Has anybody seen the new episode (well, it says 2009) on Dog Whisperer where Cesar is working with a dog named "Baby Girl"? You have to see it. Baby Girl is the whole show. It was so touching when he got her into the pool that the tears started (mine). She looks like maybe a dobie-greyhound mix. I think I could relate to this episode because Zoe had a lot of similar fear issues when she was first rescued....afraid of any and all noises (soft, medium or loud), paper and plastic bags, things in people's yards that she didn't recognize (like 'for sale' signs, hosie cows, whatever was unusual), more than one dog coming up to her at a time, water of any kind, riding near a car window, and on and on. She wasn't near as fearful as Baby Girl, but it gave me flashbacks.

    But brace yourself for the sad news that is posted at the end of the show. It just got me started all over again. When CM had Baby Girl at his center, she wouldn't eat. He even had her checked out by a vet and nothing was found. Of course, there was a reason she wasn't eating. The sad part......

    But don't miss this one. It's probably my all-time favorite DW episode. Kleenex or no kleenex. Sue

    PS - there is one thing the Zo's never been afraid of.....wildlife. The coyotes, the squirrels, the bunnies, the quails, and NOW we can add raccoons to her list of prey. She was doin' the Zoe dance with her nose pressed up to the door that leads to our garage the other night and when I opened it, she nearly knocked me down as she flew out and around the side of Dave's car (her back legs kept giving out on her in the process) I thought she was after a cat who was under the car by the sound of things. It truly sounded like a cat fight with all the hissing and scuffling and growling. (I couldn't get over there - no room on that side of the car). Then she charges into the street, me chasing and screaming for her to stop. By then she was circling like a maniac around the storm drain, so I went over and peeked down and there was poor little Rocky Raccoon peering up in fear for his life. Hard to believe she could smell him thru the closed door? Guess the nose still works. Legs, not so much..... she was limping for days afterwards. But gosh, I haven't seen such a burst from her in months.
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