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  1. Re: Looking for someone using compounded meds for Cushings in Australia I have questi

    Hi Jules. I am in Australia as well. Like Lori said you really need to use a reputable compounding agency. I am in Perth ans use the compounding pharmacy that my vet clinic uses. I used Vetoryl for...
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    Re: Nightime Panting and accidents

    Do you have a copy of the last ACTH Stim test you had done? There is a wide range that is considered 'normal' so it really comes down to symptoms as well as numbers :) At 3 months on the meds you...
  3. Re: Daisy: 10-year-old Pit Bull/Boxer Mix with Cushing's; questions about Vetoryl dos

    Hi Daisy. Galliprant is one of the newer NSAID meds and there have been many Cush pups using it with success, and it is kinder to the liver and kidney than the older types. Well worth discussing with...
  4. Re: 11 yr old with CRCL injury—is surgery safe in a dog with Cushings?

    My Cush girl has had Patella Surgery in 2016 and last year she had ACL surgery as well (she is 15 1/2 years young :) and has had Cushings for 5 1/2 years) The Patella Surgery was way more painful...
  5. Re: New here: 10 y/o Abby just diagnosed, also Hypothyroid....overwhelmed and unsure.

    Hi There :) My first concern is that your dogs cortisol has dropped too low. Typically we have seen that larger dogs are in fact more sensitive to Vetoryl and University of Davis actually recommend...
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    Re: Trudy's first ACHT results and question about Trilostane

    Hi Trudy. Yes Trilostane is so much cheaper than the named brand Vetoryl. I am not sure where you are from but in the US you do have to get a dose that Dechra does not make. However I am in Australia...
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    Re: Checking in for October 2017

    Hi BeagleMaxxMomm :) I am not sure where you are located but you can get trilostane (which is the main ingredient in Vetoryl), at compounding pharmacies and it is so much cheaper than Vetoryl. I buy...
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    Re: GSD with Cushing's

    Hopefully someone more experienced will come by and take a look at those results and give you some feedback. How is your boy doing today? Has the back leg weakness become more severe since starting...
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    Re: Checking in for August 2017

    Thanks all :) Winter here and I am pretty sure her joints are doing much better than mine in this cold, wet and windy weather. Thank goodness God invented doggie raincoats!!
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    Re: Checking in for August 2017

    It will be 4 years in October since Bulger started the meds for Cushings. She is doing pretty well for a 14 year old and is aging much more gracefully than my 12 year crazy cavoodle. She is still...
  11. Thread: Distressed boy

    by LauraA

    Re: Distressed boy

    Hi PrinceBobby. I am in Australia as well. Before my girl was regulated she would overheat and pant quite badly as well. I tried spritzing with cool water and cold towel and fans but they really...
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    Re: Dosage info Vetoryl

    It was changed back in 2014 to a lower dose but a lot of vets don't seem to know even know that it was decreased.
  13. Re: Griffey 15 yrs old Yorkie - Radiation for macro?

    There have been handful of people that have had cyberknife radiation on their dogs.
  14. Thread: Newly Diagnosed

    by LauraA

    Re: Newly Diagnosed

    Hi there. The Predisone is what will be causing the Cushings symptoms in your girl Eva. Once she is weaned off that the the symptoms should clear up. My non Cushings dog went through something...
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    Re: Tank~ My corgi pit mix

    It is so hard :( First Molly and now Tank have gone to the rainbow Journey, two dogs that had that special something about them. Whilst you know you did what you had to do so your boy didn't suffer,...
  16. Re: 5 yo Golden Retriever diagnosed this morning :(

    My 13 year old Cush girl just had one removed from her paw a few months ago, it was growing rapidly and bleeding. We have had no regrowth of it and the vet is confident they got it all and it...
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    Re: Molly, 13 yr, shih tzu - lhasa aspo - Molly has passed

    I am so sorry Sharlene :( Molly truly was a star, testament to this is the fact there are people all over the globe shedding many tears for this precious Diva that has melted so many hearts....
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    Re: Newbie and advise needed

    My girl had the night time restless and would just wander up and down the hallway half the night, and of course she made sure I was awake by barking at me so I could follow her (I can laugh at it...
  19. Re: Going off medication

    I usually get my results the next day :)
  20. Re: Going off medication

    I think we are all like that at the beginning. I followed my girl every where for that first two weeks lol. She was getting sick of me stalking her. Her quality of life was quite poor to start with...
  21. Re: Going off medication

    Yes she was a mess to start with, no bladder control at all and spend most nights pacing up and down the hallway. The meds have really saved her life. She just turned 13 last week :) She has some...
  22. Re: Going off medication

    I haven't used Diamondback, postage to Australia always seem so high so went with the local pharmacy :) The ACTH stim tests should be done approx every 3 months once you get the correct dose, though...
  23. Re: Going off medication

    Hi DjPete.
    I an in Australia as well. Vetoryl is the brand name of the drug, trilostane is the compounded name. I used Vetoryl for about 7 months and then changed to trilostane. I am on 30mg. The...
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    Re: Buffy

    The test should only take an hour :) Usually I feed my girl and give her the tablet @ 7am and she has her test @ 11am. The 8 hour test is only done when diagnosing Cushings and fortunately shouldn't...
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    Re: Panda Bear just diagnosed

    We will have fingers and paws crossed for some good results tomorrow :) It took many months for my girls panting to subside, luckily her incontinence cleared pretty fast once we started the Vetoryl.
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