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  1. Re: Farfalle - Passed away Aug 13 2012 RIP

    My sweet prince, Farfalle passed away last Monday.

    3 weeks before (July 24th) he had his blood checked and he was fine. Friday Aug 10th he stopped eating. By Sunday he was vomiting everything,...
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    Re: just wondering

    As Farfalle is on immunosuppressants he needs to be vaccinated however we only do it every 3-5 yrs depending on his titres. He is allergic to Lepto and Bordatella vaccines so he only receives rabies...
  3. Re: Checking in for January 2012

    Farfalle's allergies are getting worse and worse, especially since we brought home Zoey. He is allergic to human dander and cat dander and I am beginning to wonder if he is allergic to dog dander...
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    Re: Checking in for November 2011

    Farfalle is doing well Cushings wise. His allergies and arthritis are giving him some grief but nothing serious. He spends most of this time hiding from his new little sister Zoey and the snow we got...
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    Re: Precia does NOT have Cushing's!

    What we do to minimize stress during the ATCH is we take him in for the 1st blood draw then we take him back to the car and go park someplace quiet like a side street. He naps for an hour then we...
  6. Re: Farfelle - Cushings and Surgery

    He's pretty good. I can tell by looking at him when it's time for his next tramadol dose but that is expected. He is dying for some regular food but I'm making him wait until at least Monday.
  7. Re: Farfelle - Cushings and Surgery

    Glad to meet another JRT person! We actually had Farfalle first. Got him as a puppy and then rescued Bazil 2yrs later when she was 3. Now of course there is little Zoey who is a little terror--hah...
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    Re: Hi Have just registered

    Bazil developed diabetes as a result of the Cushings. So it does happen. In her case though it was due to delayed Cushings treatment. But as others have said you would usually see a decline in...
  9. Re: Farfelle - Cushings and Surgery

    Oh and any multi vitamin will do. We just use the Hilary's Blend as we couldn't find a chewable that was poultry free.
  10. Re: Farfelle - Cushings and Surgery

    He gets a mixture of either beef roast or boneless lamb roast, couscous (brown rice or a whole grain pasta is good too),green beans or broccoli, baby carrots, flax, oats and a little low fat shredded...
  11. Re: Farfelle - Cushings and Surgery

    Actually feeding hasn't been a problem. He's on a home cooked diet due to severe food allergies. So I just had to take his normal food, shred the meat, cut it super small, mash the veg, and make it...
  12. Re: Farfalle - Cushings and Surgery

    He is finally home! phew!

    He ended up losing 8 teeth. There were two more that could have come out (they are borderline now but will likely need to come out in the future) but he had been under...
  13. Re: My best friend (8 y/o Lab) Diabetic and diagnosed Cushing's

    Ok this is too weird. I live in Stittsville. Just move out here last year.
  14. Re: My best friend (8 y/o Lab) Diabetic and diagnosed Cushing's

    I'm in Ottawa LOL!

    You may want to stop the pumpkin and carrots. Both are high in natural sugars. Anything green is best except green peppers and peas (again both are high in sugar). Green beans...
  15. Re: Farfelle - Cushings and Surgery

    He's still under. 3 hrs and counting. 7 teeth pulled so far and more to come. Apparently even though the teeth looked ok the roots were rotted. Some are impacted and some are broken. He's had some...
  16. Re: My best friend (8 y/o Lab) Diabetic and diagnosed Cushing's

    My Bazil was Cushingoid and Diabetic. She lasted a year longer than anyone expected. She passed away this past May.

    The Cushings Diabetes combo is a tough one. Until the Cushings is under control,...
  17. Re: Farfelle - Cushings and Surgery

    HAHAH! I do the same except I am usually right with my diagnosis. I was the one who diagnosed Farfalle with Cushings initially. He was never a big eater or drinker (in fact he was always dehydrated)...
  18. Re: Farfalle - Cushings and Surgery


    Well I dropped him off this morning at 8am. Was all I could do to keep from crying. We also had to bring Zoey (11 weeks old) for her shots so that thankfully distracted me for a bit. Now...
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    Sticky: Re: Remembering All Who Have Left Us (2011)

    Can I have Bazil added to the list? She passed away May 17th. I have a pic of her in my album if it can be added.
  20. Farfelle - Cushings and Surgery...sweet Farfalle has crossed The Bridge

    Wasn't sure where to put this as it's not a Cushings issue per say but could be I suppose.

    Farfalle is going in for a dental with extractions tomorrow. While he is under, they are also doing...
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    Re: Dogs with Allergies...Seeking Remedy Advice

    Farfalle has severe allergies, both seasonal and food. They are so bad, he has anaphylactic reactions if he is exposed to an allergen. He also has Cushings and the allergies got much worse once we...
  22. Re: Angus newly diagnosed and very sick :( - Angus has crossed The Bridge

    I'm so sorry for your loss. :(
  23. Re: Angus newly diagnosed and very sick :(

    The diabetes Cushings combo in JRT's is a difficult one to manage. We had a terrible time getting our Bazil regulated. Once she started responding to the Trilostene(Ventoryl, her need for insulin...
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    Re: Leaving Cushings Untreated?

    We delayed treating our female, Bazil (JRT) until May 2010 (diagnosis was ~2008). As a result, she ended up diabetic, blind (glaucoma) and died of an aneurism May 2011.

    After seeing what this...
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