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  1. Re: Hi we are new here! - Chloe (12 y/o Australian Cattle Dog)

    Aww thanks for checking out my album guys - as you can see, they are my pride and joy! I'm really pleased that you all enjoyed the pictures - plenty more where they came from, and will add to them...
  2. Poll: Re: What do you pay for an ACTH stimulation test? Australian Dollars (AUD)

    We are charged around $350 for the ACTH Stim test at a specialist referral only hospital.
  3. Poll: Re: What have you paid for an LDDS test? Australia (AUD)

    We are generally charged around $350 for both LDDS and ACTH Stim tests at Chloe's specialist hospital
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    Sticky: Re: How did you find us?

    I am part of an Australian dog forum, and was referred here by a couple of your lovely members :)
  5. Re: Kiska - 13y/o Samoyed mix - Update: Kiska has passed on

    We are only new here, but want to send our sincere condolences to you on the loss of your Kiska. Cushings can be so heart wrenching... and I'm sorry that Kiska could not conquer this disease.
  6. Re: Hi we are new here!

    Hi Sue, and thanks! I must say, I'm a sucker for a grey face - and your Zoe certainly tugs at my heartstrings. She is just GORGEOUS! There is something extra special about a grey face isn't there?
  7. Re: Hi we are new here!

    Thanks for that - I had heard of Atypical before, and read a little about it - but sometimes it all gets a bit confusing... bit like information overload! At least that is plain english that I can...
  8. Re: Hi we are new here!

    Oh goodness what a warm and caring place to come! Thank you for the newest welcomes!

    Heidi - I suspect that my Sasha is part husky due to her colouring and coat... and she is the same - either...
  9. Re: Frodo Border terrier 10-11yrs confirmed

    Oh isy, I'm terribly sorry to hear of Frodo's passing. I can imagine your devastation. I hope you have many wonderful memories of him to keep in your heart forever, and bring a smile to your face...
  10. Re: Hi we are new here!

    Hi Loraine! I'm starting to see how wonderful and supportive this group is, it's fantastic! Just want to let everyone here know that Loraine has been a great support and friend every step of the...
  11. Re: Hi we are new here!

    Hi Angela, I knew who it was straight away!!! Thanks for directing me over here, what a lovely bunch!! I've already learnt a couple of new things from reading other threads!

    BTW, Sabre is just...
  12. Re: Hi we are new here!

    Oh wow, what a fantastic welcome! And such a relief to be around people who truly understand. Very heartwarming! We already feel part of the family!

    Thanks so much for the photo and avatar link......
  13. Re: Hi we are new here!

    Thank you for the warm welcome John! My Chloe is a very brave trooper! Can't wait until I am at home and can read the threads more in depth to share others experiences too!!
  14. Hi we are new here! - Chloe (12 y/o Australian Cattle Dog)

    Hi, my name is Kelly – and I have a best furry friend, named Chloe – who is a red Australian Cattle Dog, almost 12 years old, the apple of my eye, and diagnosed with (pituitary dependant) Cushings in...
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