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    Re: New to Cushings

    When my molly hurt her back, she wasn't allowed to jump or do stairs for 6 weeks. Talk about trying to keep a good dog down. It was impossible and we too invested in a doggie playpen for her and it...
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    Re: Our newest family member - Vanilla

    Well little miss vanilla has attittude and doesn't recognize us as the pack leaders it seems, so I eneded up calling in a dog behaviorist to assist us as we were literally just at aloss and nothing...
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    Re: My big boy Gable

    Well May 9th is getting closer and closer :)
    Interesting question about the neck lump. Anything can affect cortisol production and therefore treatment, well, almost, but I'd definitely have the...
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    Re: Attitude for gratitude

    Hi Karen,
    Sorry I don't get back on here very often these days, so wanted to stop in. I'm in Ontario, the Toronto area. Interesting that I don't get as much out and about here in Ontario as i do...
  5. Sticky: Re: Reunion!! — 10th Anniversary Celebration for

    How great to see so many old friends still stopping in for the Reunion thread. Waving madly at each and every one!
  6. Re: Almost 8 y.o. recently diagnosed, a few questions

    I agree, I wouldn't raise the vetroyl as his cortisol seems to be doing well on that, but his ALKP isn't. Most of the time, yea, they think it is sludge in gallbladder or liver, something else then...
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    Re: Roxy - Possible Cushing's sufferer

    Hello and welcome from me too. I don't know if you would want to do the cushing testing if something else is gong on, as it could cause a false positive on the test.
    I think a fasting blood test...
  8. Re: Adrenal Tumor with huge vena cava invasion!!

    We had that laryngeal paralysis once with our molly. We were on a walk, she had a collar on and we'd stopped and talking to some friends, molly was waiting but she would pull sometimes, like let get...
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    Re: Attitude for gratitude

    Hi Karen, and I just wanted to say hello. It is a terrible thing to have to adjust to both losing a precious furbaby and dealing with a diganosis of cushings. Just one can leave you paralyzed with...
  10. Re: Winston, 8 year old westie with adrenal tumor

    Well that is just fabulous to hear you are both doing well and the portrait definitely nice!

    He sure has had his issues of up and down it sounds like but coming through them all like a trooper. ...
  11. Sticky: Re: Reunion!! — 10th Anniversary Celebration for

    Big smiles here Missed you Terry. I hope that things are settling down and you are finding peace and happiness after what has been several very trying years with too much stress for a person to go...
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    Re: My big boy Gable

    I always think it is harder when you are trying to treat two things at the same time, as you are with Gable. Now as the others mentioned the actual results weren't terrible it is the drop between...
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    Re: My big boy Gable

    what dose of vertroyl is he on? I thought it was a pretty low one but maybe it needs to be an even lower dose with the thyroid meds in his system too
  14. Sticky: Re: Reunion!! — 10th Anniversary Celebration for

    Hi Joan, yes I remember Lena well, and I remember the tears and sorrow too. So much of that here and I don't know how any of us would have gotten through that time without this place and the...
  15. Re: Winston, 8 year old westie with adrenal tumor

    Hi Kellie, Just saw you online and hope that you and Winston are both doing really well.
    How did Winstons portrait turn out? I went to the artist website and those are some beautiful paintings! ...
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    Re: My big boy Gable

    Hi Joan Oh man I'm really sorry that Gable is going through all these problems.

    I always think it is so much trickier when trying to deal with two issues like with Gables thyroid and cushings. ...
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    Re: Old Friends

    Kathy!! Hi and hello to you too. I'll never forget you and Buddy, the great lizard hunter. I hope that this post finds you doing well and things going well for you. Would love to hear all about...
  18. Sticky: Re: Reunion!! — 10th Anniversary Celebration for

    Oh my gosh, what a wonderful idea. So good to see so many faces that bring back memories and that have been missed for so long.

    I honestly cannot imagine having to go through the journey that...
  19. Re: a hopeless french bulldog owner - Elizabeth has passed

    I am very sorry to hear of Elizabeths passing and so unexpectedly at that. Just heart wrenching.
    My sincerest condolences. :(
  20. Thread: Dani

    by molly muffin

    Re: Dani

    Hello from me too.

    It is never too early to get an IMS on board and in the loop. That way you have an established relationship, whether or not cushings ever is a factor. As dogs get older,...
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    Re: My big boy Gable

    Oh my goodness. Miss some time on the forum and all kinds of things are happening!
    Well, okay, you got the diagnosis, you have a plan for today and tomorrow and going forward. You know oh so...
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    Re: Can anyone tell me about Denamarin?

    I just want to say hello and welcome to the forum also.

    You know there was a time, when vets didn't diagnose cushings very well at all and it wasn't really on their radar. Then we came to this...
  23. Re: Down the Cushings Road Again -- Abbie, 13 year old beagle

    Judy I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your precious Abbie. When I look back through the thread it reminds me of what a very long journey you and Abbie had and how we exchanged information...
  24. Re: new from europe (arthritis and vetoryl?) - Ian, Flynn and Enya have passed

    Iris, I'm very sorry to read of the loss of your beloved Enya. To lose all from the line, well, that is quite heartbreaking in addition to losing Enya.

    That sounds like a lovely burial spot...
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    Re: Urine Cortisol/Creatinine Test

    Hello, I'm in Canada and that seems steep to me too. I paid in that range for full urinalyisis with culture.
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