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  1. Re: Undiagnosed, but likely Cushing's in 15yo doxie

    Hi and welcome to you and your boy!

    I have manually approved your membership so now all your posts will be seen right away. Also, please just disregard the validation email that was sent to you...
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    Re: Cushings and Hypothyroidism

    Diarrhea and lethargy are signs that cortisol may have dropped too low so my recommendation is to have his cortisol checked. How is his appetite?
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    Re: Corona Virus Pandemic Preparedness

    I have 37 monarch caterpillars in their chrysalis, they should be eclosing within the next week, these are the super-migrators and will be the ones that fly the whole way to Mexico to roost.

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    Re: My Lovely Luna

    Happy belated Birthday, sweet Luna!!!!!
  5. Re: Rimadyl and Cushings Thoughts

    Rimadyl is an amazing anti-inflammatory that does bring much needed relief to severely arthritic dogs but it is tough on the stomach and the liver, and our cushdogs already have a liver working...
  6. Re: Lena, Teacup Poodle w/ adrenal tumor - Lena is now an angel

    Huge loving hugs coming from me as well ♥
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    Re: My big boy Gable

    My concern is that the test was performed while he had ear infections which could raise his cortisol levels so that result of 3 could possibly be higher than what it actually is.
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    Re: Butterflies!

    Well, this year is a bummer for my monarchs, I have only found 12 eggs so far :( Last year at this time I had almost 50! From what I've read there is a 53% drop in the monarch population, so sad.
  9. Re: Cushing’s diagnosos 14+ yr old Vizsla - Vetoryl start dose?

    Hi and a belated welcome to you and Rumor!

    It would seem to me that the Chem 17 panel would have the electrolytes included, so you wouldn't need to have the electrolytes done separately which...
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    Re: My Beautiful Buddy Boy

    Huge hugs from me as well.
  11. Re: Ginger-16 yo Poochon (Bichon Poodle mix)

    Sending huge loving hugs to you and Ginger!
  12. Re: Lucas - My Beautiful 9 year old Shih-tzu Recently Diagnosed

    Hi Nallely,

    Welcome to you and Lucas from me as well! One question I have, did they perform the LDDS test while Lucas was ill? The reason I ask is because the LDDS test can yield a false positive...
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    Re: Corona Virus Pandemic Preparedness

    Hey Marianne!

    I do grow tropical milkweed in containers, common milkweed is what's native in my area and comes up every year. The tropical milkweed I started from seeds indoors because it gets too...
  14. Re: New here - suspect Cushing's in 4.5 yr old beagle mix

    Hi Shelton,

    A belated welcome to you and Joni!! I just wanted to mention that I took my boy, Harley, to UPenn (Ryan Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania) and thought it was well...
  15. Re: Stella - 10 year old Corgi/American Eskimo mix

    Were the crystals ever looked into? One of my dogs had oxalate crystals, they can be very painful. With my boy, the crystals had to be surgically removed (twice). Holding you all in my thoughts and...
  16. Re: Vet Refuses to start on lower dosage

    Hi and welcome to you and Lucy from me as well!

    I agree with everything Marianne has said, and I can't believe how unprofessional that vet is acting. You are Lucy's advocate, her voice, and only...
  17. Re: Not convinced my dog doesn’t have Cushings!

    Kathy is right, however, there is a published study that has found that larger dogs require less of the recommended dose of Trilostane to control cortisol, so if this were me I wouldn't start out any...
  18. Re: Holiday Fundraisers for the TIpper and Squirt Care for Cushing's Fund

    My flowers came up too!!! They are beautiful!!!!!
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    Re: Introduction of myself and Piper

    Hi and welcome to you and Piper!

    OMGoodness! You and your precious girl have been through a lot lately and I am glad you took matters in your own hand to lower her dose. I also glad to read that...
  20. Re: Ginger-16 yo Poochon (Bichon Poodle mix)

    Chronic illnesses can cause enlargement of the adrenal glands, I'm including this excerpt from Dr Mark Peterson's blog:
  21. Re: Lena, Teacup Poodle w/ adrenal tumor - Lena is now an angel

  22. Re: Wayne-Newly diagnosed 10-year-old pit mix, horrible reactions to Vetoryl/Trilosta

    I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved boy, Wayne, and my heart goes out to you. Please know we are here for you and always will be, if you should ever need to talk, please please, come back to...
  23. Re: UTI + Overnight blindness + then sudden dementia like symptoms + Cushings dx

    I would definitely tell the vet about her right leg issue. Also, I would have an urine culture and sensitivity test performed on her urine especially since bacteria was found in her sample.

  24. Re: Newly Diagnosed, Worried about Treatment Effects (Chio)

    For Harley I bought the 10 mg and split them in two, and yes, you want the regular Pepcid ac. Wishing you good luck with the vet visit next week!

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    Re: New Member -- Cushingoid Myelopathy

    Hi and welcome to you and Daniel!

    Gosh I am sorry for the reasons that brought you here but so glad you found us and we will help in any way we can. On the forum we have seen a few cases of dogs...
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