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  1. Sticky: Re: Reunion!! — 10th Anniversary Celebration for

    OK I finally got back. So much time has passed but the friends I made here are still fresh in my mind. So much has happened since I last visited the forum, some good some not so. My RA was causing...
  2. Re: Rozee on her new Wheels (Rozee was laid to rest)

    John and Pattee

    My thoughts are with you. I know the right thing doesn't always feel like it is. Rozee had so much love and that is all we can do. Remember the good times.

  3. Re: Introducing Fraser - our sweet Fraser has crossed The Bridge

    Dear Naomi,

    So sorry to hear Fraser has passed. I am so glad you got to spend that special time with him so you have some happy memories that hopefully will be what you remember after the pain has...
  4. Re: Mypuppy:Princess (10 yr. old Lab on Trilostane) - has crossed the rainbow bridge


    I have been awol a lot lately but have been checking in occasionally hoping to see everyone doing well. I am so sorry to hear Princess has passed. I know you must be hurting so much and...
  5. Re: Hi (Bo) a toy poodle - sweet Bo has crossed The Bridge

    Dear Belinda,

    I am so sorry to hear that Bo had lost the final battle. Your love has released him and it may not feel like it now but it was the right decision. He is now free from illness, pain...
  6. Re: Introducing Fraser

    I purchased a coolmat but it has not been used! I originally got it for Buddy but he wouldn't use it so I then tried it on Phoebe who also would have nothing to do with it. Both these pups are now...
  7. Re: Introducing Fraser


    I managed to find plain milk thistle at the local woolworths and coles. It can also be brought online, I used but most of the other sites should have something. Not...
  8. Re: Bagel - Beagle/Bassett - Bagel has gone to heaven

    Dear Sande,

    Unconditional love is letting them go when it is time. It doesn't make it any easier knowing you have done the right thing. I am so sorry and I know you are hurting.

    Fly free Bagel...
  9. Re: Lulu 11 y.o. Pom has gone over the Rainbow Bridge to meet Jojo

    Dear Glynda

    I was shocked and absolutely stunned to read that "our" Lulu had passed. I know the sadness I feel will be multiplied by thousands by yourself and Gil. I am just so sorry. Take care of...
  10. Re: Lulu 9 y.o. Pom - PDH - Lysodren (Jojo has passed)


    Oh no. I do hope you get some better news when the vet calls. Fingers and toes crossed.

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    Re: My precious Tasha

    Dear Les,

    Tasha was so lucky you happened upon her at the vets that day. Instead of being sad and lonely you gave her the the home and love she deserved for her last days. It was her time. Fly...
  12. Re: Introducing Fraser


    I would not be giving any more trilo until you get some answers from the vets.

    As for the ACTH test, we all have cortisol (or should have) running around in our bodies and the pre test is...
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    Re: Maya - A big hello - sweet Maya has passed

    Dear Leah,

    I am so sorry to read Maya has passed. The gift of letting go is one that is very painful to you but it is the one that is most special to those we love. Remember her happy and healthy....
  14. Re: Found and here to stay, Mhina

    Dear Saskia,

    I haven't been around much and was devastated to read about Mihna's problems. I know it must be a comfort to know Mhina will be going to a good home and looked after but I also know...
  15. Re: Apollo fought with grace and dignity to the end, My little angel warrior

    Dear Sonja,

    There is never enough time with our furry friends. I am so sorry to hear that Apollo lost his battle and what a battle it was. You fought so hard for him and he knew that you loved him...
  16. Re: Serena, Havanese, radiation treatment - sweet Serena has passed


    I am so sorry to hear that Serena has passed. I am glad you had the extra time with her but we all wish it was longer. It is never long enough!

    Fly free Serena.

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    Re: Chewbacca: A Loyal, Steadfast Friend


    I was so sorry to read that Chewy had passed. Time will heal the raw pain and I hope the good memories will see you through.

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    Re: Vetoryl / Cushings Disease - Dear Penny has passed

    Dear Cindy,

    Thinking of you. Godspeed Penny.

  19. Thread: Inner Peace

    by BestBuddy

    Re: Inner Peace

    I was a bit worried as I read down the list
    fail , all the way down the list.

    Yes our dogs are amazing.

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    Re: The end of a human life

    Dear Janis,

    I believe that there is a time when both humans and animals separate their bodies from minds. Do not look at your father and try to understand the expressions because he cannot...
  21. Re: Lulu 9 y.o. Pom - PDH - Lysodren (Jojo has passed)

    Dear Glynda,

    I am so sorry to hear about Jojo. He was loved and safe maybe for the first time in his life. No matter how long they are with us it's never long enough. Sending such big hugs.

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    Re: Vetoryl / Cushings Disease

    Dear Cindy,

    I haven't posted because I don't know what to say. I realised it was better for me to just say I am thinking of you and wish you strength for whatever decisions you make.

    Take care....
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    Re: Louie (10yo Maltese x, possible Cushing's)

    Hi Louie's mum and welcome.

    I am in Aust. and had a cushing dog that passed away a few years ago so I have been there but it was a while ago. When I was buying Veterol it was hard to get regularly...
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    Re: Warning about Proheart 6

    This really scares me. Over the last 10 years all of my dogs have been getting a yearly heartworm injection along with their other yearly vaccinations. No warnings from the vet and I always thought...
  25. Re: It's a boy!!!!!!


    Both my boys have had "The swings removed from their playground" but try to play mount each other on occasion. Things changed when Janey arrived and she came into heat and the boys would just...
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