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    Re: There's only one Fella

    In time your heart will heal a little, you will walk that path with Fella watching over you and find another special friend to hold and love.
    Hugs ~ Mary Ann
  2. Re: It's 3:55 AM and haven't slept. Need your help!

    I haven't posted to you before and don't get on here as often as I would like, but I have followed your journey. The girls have given you the best information and I could not possibly add to it. I...
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    Re: Tribute to my dear sweet Annie


    Thank you. I know it is so hard to write about memories or a tribute, it brings the pain right to the surface again. Sharing a little more of Annie with us so we can smile at her antics is a...
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    Re: what we miss the most

    There are so many things.....

    Having to watch where I step, so I wouldn't trip over her.
    Having my little vacuum cleaner devour every eatable morsel that hit the floor.
    Her fresh bath smell and...
  5. Re: In need of advice for my Norman

    First I want to say I am happy to hear that your daughter has good news.

    But I do not want this to go unanswered in the wake of celebrations. Yes! Yes! Yes. You must be very careful of the drug,...
  6. Re: Lulu 11 y.o. Pom has gone over the Rainbow Bridge to meet Jojo

    Dearest Glynda,

    I am stunned beyond words. Lulu was the energizer bunny. The Timex watch of cushings - took a licking, but kept on ticking......

    My heart goes out to you. I wish I could take...
  7. Re: In Loving Memory of two special souls - Patrick & Rags

    I still remember the heartbreak he suffered as if it was yesterday, we all felt it. Now, we must take comfort in that they are both together and whole, watching over us and guiding our little ones as...
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    Re: milo my doxie age 6

    I have followed Milo's journey and am so saddened that he is gone. You couldn't have have done anything better. It breaks your heart, but as you said, you did what is best for Milo. It will...
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    Re: PB my doxie & I Need Your Advice

    Hi Suzie,
    Sometimes it is a very small world. I just happened to check in today and always try to check up on the doxies. Although I lost mine a few years ago, she burrowed deep into my heart and so...
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    Re: Chewbacca: A Loyal, Steadfast Friend

    Just because it is right, does not make it easy. The hardest and most courageous decisions always seem to hurt the worst. All your pups were given the best care possible, for as long as...
  11. Re: My Annie, 15 1/2 pheochromocytoma - Annie is now an angel running free

    Godspeed sweet Annie.
    You rode to heaven on a world of love that can't be matched.
    You taught us all lessons of strength and loyalty, and your mom taught us lessons of courage. In the face of the...
  12. Re: My Annie, 15, adrenal tumor pheochromocytoma

    Dearest Kim,

    I may not have been by lately, but you and Annie are always in my prayers and close to my heart. She is a wonder, but then she has a wonder-ful Mom.

    Cherish every minute, every...
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    Re: Sachi - Forever in my heart.

    Sweet Sachi. Another year. Without you. We miss you.
    I still catch myself looking down to my feet before I move, so that I won't step on you! And whenever there are little scraps of chicken left...
  14. Re: My Annie, 15, adrenal tumor pheochromocytoma

    This warms my heart and makes my day.
    Kim, I don't get by as often, but I think of you two every day and keep you both in my prayers.
    You both are special girls.
    Luv & Hugs ~ Mary Ann
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    Re: Bailey is now with Clyde :(

    I am so very sorry. Words cannot express the hurt we all feel for you. If we could help with the pain, you know we would take it away, but as you also know, this is the price of love. It is...
  16. Re: Aleah - 10 y/o English Shepherd Mix, Tumors On Both Adrenals - Aleah has Passed

    Dear Dave & Kit,

    I was truly hoping that you would have more time with sweet Aleah. I knew that you would only do the best for her, as
    you have done her entire life. She was a lucky pup to have...
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    Re: Saskia - need input

    Oh Leslie,
    Tears of joy are flowing here too.
    I was following along, and some days I was so scared to check in for fear that there was bad news. Should have had more faith!
    Your patience and...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Brandy - In Loving Memory

    The video is so beautiful. As is your love for her.

    Happy Birthday Brandy.

    Luv & Hugs - Mary Ann
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    Re: Saskia - need input

    Everything is crossed. Good thoughts are going. Prayers are being said.
    So now the trap has to do its thing and bring little Sophie home.
    I would camp out with you if I could.
    Luv & Hugs...
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    Re: Saskia - need input

    Leslie, I'm following along too. Adding tons of prayers and have everything crossed for a miracle.
    Luv and Big Hugs ~Mary Ann
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    Re: To Misty, with all my love forever

    A special girl. A special mama. A special poem.
    Thank you Shelba for sharing your special thoughts in these very special poems and writings. They bring tears to my eyes and touch my heart to...
  22. Re: My Annie schnauzer,14 - ? cushings

    I can't help you with lab test analysis, but know that you and sweet Annie are never far from my thoughts.
    Sending Luv & Hugs
    ~Mary Ann
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    Re: Concerned about Wally P - Wally has Passed

    Tears in my eyes, pain in my heart, and sorrow for words.
    This is just so hard.
    Godspeed, brave Wally, Godspeed.
    Hugs ~ Mary Ann
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    Re: Concerned about Wally P

    What can I say - except swear words. This is not what I hoped to hear.
    I know that you will put Wally's needs and comfort first, regardless of the emotional cost to you. Cherish every moment...
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    Re: Concerned about Wally P

    Marge, adding more healing thoughts and prayers for the best.
    And an extra special belly rub.
    Hugs ~ Mary Ann
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