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  1. Sticky: Re: Spreadsheet for Logging Your Dog's Water Intake

    Oh sweet I could have used this last week we had to do a strict intake of water for our black lab Toby. Not sure what's happening but we are sure he pees out more then he takes in. I'm going to...
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    Re: Questions about Cushing Meds

    Hi Michael,
    We lost our beloved Zoe Claire in Jan this year she was diagnosed as Atypical pituitary dependant. In Canada there is no place that does the full adrenal panel and on researching myself...
  3. Re: Lulu 11 y.o. Pom has gone over the Rainbow Bridge to meet Jojo

    Hi glynda
    I am so very to read sweet lulu has passed onto rainbow bridge😪it's been a difficult year in our house with the loss of Zoe Claire in January then 6 weeks later our beloved Stewie passed...
  4. Our beloved Zoe Claire has passed onto Rainbow Bridge

    It is with a very heavy heart we announce the passing of our sweet beautiful Zoe Claire who had Atypical Cushings we will forever be grateful for the love and support we have gotten from our friends...
  5. Re: Update on Zoe Claire "Atypical Cushing"

    It is a very sad day today our beloved Zoe Claire has passed onto Rainbow Bridge she was surrounded by her favorite vet Dr. Joan and went in the loving arms of her family. We are going to miss our...
  6. Re: Our 9 year old lab/cross abnormal blood and urine

    Yes his blood pressure was done and it's sitting high his top number was 190:(. The thirst, weight loss, panting and more a give away is the cortisol creatinine ratio but LDD was normal all his...
  7. Re: Our 9 year old lab/cross abnormal blood and urine

    Well Stewie had his ultrasound done and we got the results last night 😟 he had an adrenal tumor and since his LDD was suppressed they suspect this is a non functioning adenoma,hyper plastic nodule or...
  8. Re: Our 9 year old lab/cross abnormal blood and urine

    Anemia no longer present in his dec but sodium, potassium and ALP and osmo calc were only abnormality in his last. We have an ultrasound booked on the 16 so hopefully we will get some answers doing...
  9. Re: Update on Zoe Claire "Atypical Cushing"

    Happy New Year as i posted in another thread Zoe Claire's little brother Stewie is dealing with some health issues but for our girlie she still continues to thrill us each day. We have discovered...
  10. Re: Our 9 year old lab/cross abnormal blood and urine

    Here is the abnormal Here's labs range

    Hematology RBC Stewie's 5.49. 6.0-8.9
    HGB 132. 145-204
    HCT. 0.372. ...
  11. Re: Our 9 year old lab/cross abnormal blood and urine

    Thank you for that wonderful link Stewie's thyroid level was checked and he was 21.2 his ALP was 392, Sodium 151 potassium 5.5, osmo calc was 501 this was done 19 Dec 2013.

    In Oct his RBC were...
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    Re: Checking in for January 2014

    Happy new year from Zoe Claire 12 1/2 atypical diagnosed 2009, Heather and now our possible Stewie 9 1/2 years.
  13. Our 9 year old lab/cross abnormal blood and urine

    Well if one dog with atypical cushings "Zoe Claire" diagnosed in 2009 was not enough, we are dealing with our 9 year old Lab cross who started out about 9 months ago exhibiting signs of being skitish...
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    Re: My baby doll Scoop

    Puppy hugs ..... Seems like the pain goes on forever but good times and good memories will shine through for you.

    Love and hugs always,
    Heather and Zoe Claire
  15. Re: Update on Zoe Claire "Atypical Cushing"

    Merry Christmas and here's hoping all is well in K9 Cushings land. Well our Zoe Claire celebrated her 12 th birthday in September and continues to amaze us with her stubbornness and strong will to...
  16. Re: Update on Zoe Claire "Atypical Cushing"

    Just checking in our beloved Zoe Claire is still with us she has just had her teeth cleaned because of a mouth sore we thought was an abscess at the same time she had a skin biopsy done for the major...
  17. Re: Update on Zoe Claire "Atypical Cushing"

    just stopped in to say hello and as always I love this site when I need to get encourgagement. Yesterday Zoe was rushed into our vet (who was not on call or was our vet clinic) but our beloved Dr....
  18. Re: Update on Zoe Claire "Atypical Cushing"

    Hi Jill and Vail :)
    I have not been on the site for a while but something in my heart told me to check in today and I am extremely glad I did. I've posted an update note about zoe. She has done...
  19. Re: Update on Zoe Claire "Atypical Cushing"

    Wow it has been awhile since I've posted or even ventured into say hello. ZoeClaire is still with us and turned 11 in Sept 2012. She is still taking 300 mg Ketoconazole along with 6 mg of Melatonin...
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    Re: Jay Gatsby has passed away

    Derek and Amy,
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to you on the loss of Jay Gatsby....he will be with you always.

    Heather and Zoe Claire
  21. Re: We just took our first dose of lysodren and we're very nervous!

    Welcome Kim and believe me you are not alone. This is a wonderful site and there is always someone that can answer your questions or just chat with. I have gotten so much strength from here which...
  22. Re: Harley 14y/o Pom-PDH-Lysodren switched to Vetoryl (no treatment now)

    Hi Lori and Harley.....Zoe Claire and I are thinking about you and hope your doing ok. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.

    Heather and Zoe Claire
  23. Re: Update on Zoe Claire "Atypical Cushing"

    Just to keep all our friends up to date on Zoe Claire....we are going to repeat the full adrenal panel on Tuesday the 12 April to determine if Zoe's body is metabalizing the keto quicker which would...
  24. Re: Update on Zoe Claire "Atypical Cushing"

    Hi Leslie,
    We went through that with Zoe but just by increasing her Ketoconozole to 300mg in a single daily does it got the break through symptoms well under control. The keto through our...
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    Re: For Harley: My Little Demon dog

    Hi Debbie,
    Just wanted to send hi your way and I have a hard time believing Harley went to rainbow bridge 6 months ago :( Congratulations on getting your pup and I know Harley is watching you do a...
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