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  1. Re: Update on Athena

    Yep, I don’t know that it is SARDS in Athena’s case, but just thought I’d mention it. Also, In advance of our staffer, Leslie, being able to stop by here herself, I’m copying a couple of replies...
  2. Re: Update on Athena

    I don’t believe that either SARDS or cataracts cause any pain — it’s just the adjustment to the loss of vision that’s involved. I don’t know as much about glaucoma, but I’m guessing it is more...
  3. Re: Update on Athena

    I couldn’t agree more! You are such good and loving parents — no dog could ask for a better home. I’m so sorry about your loss of Axle, and now these added worries about Athena. Life is not fair,...
  4. Re: A Question on Side Effects of New Medication

    Welcome back to you and your little boy, although I’m so very sorry about the loss of your girl. That must make your worries over your boy even harder to deal with — at least, that would be the case...
  5. Re: Update on Athena

    Welcome back to you and Athena! I’ve gone ahead and merged your note into your original thread right now, and we’ll definitely be watching for your continued updates.

  6. Re: My havanese pup has been diagnosed with cushings

    Hello again, Frank, and thanks for providing those ranges. I must confess that I remain somewhat concerned about these combined elevations across the board in terms of Snoopy’s liver values. I must...
  7. Re: My havanese pup has been diagnosed with cushings

    Hello Frank, and welcome to you and little Snoop. I apologize that I have only a few minutes to write this evening, but I wanted to quickly tell you a couple of things. Your vet is correct that...
  8. Re: Is it essential to determine type of Cushing's?

    Hello Laurel, and welcome to you and Freckles! Thanks so much for all the helpful introductory info that you've given us, and I'm giving you an A+ on your research thus far! You've obviously been...
  9. Re: Kashmir - Cushpup with possible macro adenoma (Kashmir is now free)

    Dear Lori, I am so deeply sorry, too. This news is hard to hear, yet we’re so very grateful to be included in your journey, every step of the way. We’re especially touched to be able to honor...
  10. Re: Kashmir - Cushpup with possible macro adenoma

    Boy, truer words were never spoken! But if it brings you any comfort to know, I do believe you’re taking all the appropriate actions right now. And during those really tough moments, I surely hope...
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    Re: Mia-3 year old poodle recently diagnosed

    Thanks so much for this update on sweet Mia! I’m sorry to hear about the skin problems. We experienced a lengthy battle with a skin staph infection in our non-Cushing’s lab, and it took a lot of...
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    Re: Happy Father's Day to all our K9C Dads!

    And...just wanted to bump up this thread once again, in honor of yet another Father’s Day and our wonderful K9C dads!

    Wishing you all the best, today and every day!

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    Re: New to Cushings

    Hi Karen! Just stopping by again to say “hi” and hoping that things are still going OK for you girls. Do let us know when you get the chance.

  14. Re: 13 year old dog with "Cushings Light" (words the vet used)

    So good to see you guys back again :-), but I’m so sorry about Jackson’s giardia :-(. I know that can be a bear to treat. Not only from the bug itself, but also from the antibiotics. My...
  15. Thread: Macroadenomas

    by labblab

    Sticky: Re: Macroadenomas

    Stopping back by again, because I am realizing that we’ve never provided any specific links that discuss surgical tumor removal as an option for pituitary macros. Kathy, who started this thread, has...
  16. Re: Kashmir - Cushpup with possible macro adenoma

    That would be great if you’ll post the study on the Macroadenoma thread. The more information we can consolidate there, the better!

    In that vein, in looking back at that thread, I realize we’ve...
  17. Re: Kashmir - Cushpup with possible macro adenoma

    Lori, thanks so much for your quick update. I surely do hope that you’ll see continued improvement with the prednisone, regardless of whether or not you decide to proceed with invasive treatment. ...
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    Re: Calcinosis Cutis Questions

    Hello Bryan! Welcome to you and Henry, although I’m surely sorry that he’s having to deal with CC. Calcinosis cutis is definitely one of the most troublesome of the Cushing’s symptoms, and...
  19. Re: Kashmir - Cushpup with possible macro adenoma

    Hi again, Lori! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, especially since I didn't make it back before your appointment today. But the positive part is that now you'll be armed with some...
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    Re: New to Cushings

    Hi Karen,

    Being pretty OCD myself ;-), I surely understand your search for some definitive answers. However, I'm afraid that Cushing's is about as far as you can get from being a cookie-cutter...
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    Re: Koko - Traveling Dog Around Town

    What a great update, Addy — thanks so much! And I think another stay at the Delafield is *definitely* in order ;-))))). You all deserve to be pampered and to celebrate your good news in style. So...
  22. Re: Cushings, coritzol, calcinosis cutis, and inflamation

    Hello, and welcome from me, too! I really agree with everything that Lori has just written. If those ACTH results were in units of nmol/L, they were *really* low, as Lori has said. Like her, I...
  23. Re: Daisy - 6yo labrador diagnosed with Cushings (Daisy has passed)

    Oh I am so sorry, too. My heart goes out to you, knowing how dearly you loved Daisy and how much she’ll be missed. But I totally understand your decision, and I hope you’ll continue to find peace in...
  24. Re: Kashmir - Cushpup with possible macro adenoma

    Hello Lori, and welcome to you and Kashmir! Thanks so much for all this detailed information, and I’ll definitely return later today to comment further. However, I want to first take the time to...
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    Re: Dixie Doodlebug

    Thanks so much for this update on Dixie, and we’ll definitely be anxious to see the actual testing results. When you say that nothing alarming was seen on the ultrasound, I’m assuming you mean that...
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