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    Re: My baby dog, Visuddha

    Another year, another Facebook reminder. Not that I needed it.

    Happy Birthday, little one. Your birthday (Halloween), I wasn't interested in answering the door and handing out candy, so dad had...
  2. Re: Athena - Silver Lab (Vetoryl); Cortisol now too low

    I haven't been around for a while myself, but just popped on and remember your girl. Sorry to hear she's had some issues recently. Sending more healing hugs and prayers your way.

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    Re: Considering a second dog...

    I'm a few days late, but Kira's first gotcha day anniversary was this past Tuesday. We celebrated by torturing her with squirrels on our morning walk, beating her until she quit whining, then locking...
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    Re: My big boy Gable

    Joan, I haven't been commenting but have been following along for a bit. Worrying that Gabe may have Cushing's, testing, starting treatment, and now today when he is doing SO well ... what a ride it...
  5. Re: New diagnosis - Feeling overwhelmed and hopeless

    My heart goes out to you. Please give Blue a scratch behind the ear and a belly rub from me (if she enjoys them).

    My boy Visuddha had ascites, though we didn't realize it until too late. He...
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    Re: Recent diagnosis

    Continuing prayers and well wishes for you, and for Gus!
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    Re: Spencer, Chihuahua just starting treatment

    Welcome to you and Spencer! I would just echo what the others have said, so I'll spare the repeat. I just wanted to say hi and I look forward to learning more about your sweet little guy!

  8. Re: Scared! Dog just got diagnosed with Cushing.

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    RIP Chemo. Run free, sweet boy.
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    Re: Recent diagnosis

    Way to go, Gus! Eat your food, buddy... it'll give you more energy and make you feel better!
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    Re: Recent diagnosis

    Wonderful updates!! Be as crazy as you need to be for your boy. I'm sure he loves to see you!
  11. Re: Lena, Teacup Poodle w/ adrenal tumor - Lena is now an angel

    Joan, I apologize for not sending you a message on Lee's anniversary. You were on my mind and have been since. Sending you so many hugs and loving thoughts.

    I am SO sorry to hear about Josh. The...
  12. Re: Dillon - 11 yo mutt - going through diagnosis process

    Hi! Welcome to you and Dillon. The only thing I can add to Marianne's post is to ask for copies of all test results for Dillon. Having those in hand can be helpful to refer back to, in case of a...
  13. Re: New diagnosis - Symptoms returned after 4 wks on meds

    How is Molly doing today?
  14. Re: Wayne-Newly diagnosed 10-year-old pit mix, horrible reactions to Vetoryl/Trilosta

    Poor boy... will keep you guys in my thoughts and hoping right along with you. Let us know~!
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    Re: Recent diagnosis


    Sorry for not responding again sooner, but have been silently following along and keeping you and Gus in my thoughts. How is he doing today?

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    Re: Cushings treat or not treat

    Hi Michele, welcome to you and Rocky. The others have covered the thoughts that I have for now. Hang in there!!

  17. Re: Having a Hard Time with My Best Friend and Cushings

    Welcome to you and Summy! You don't need to apologize for "going on" ... share all you want. This is a safe place for people like us, with beautiful dogs who have found a way into our hearts and...
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    Re: Recent diagnosis

    Hi Linda, welcome to you and your boy. I am so sorry he is sick, but grateful you were able to get him to the ER. Please do let us know how he is doing when you can.

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    Re: "Mah Boy" Keesh the Wonder Dog

    Hahaha... I'm looking forward to puppy updates!
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    Re: My Precious Angel Dakota

    Sending you more hugs, and wishes for tender memories of your sweet girl.

  21. Re: kalis mom-low fat diet dog food help

    Hi Maria,

    First, take a deep breath. We are right here with you and will help you navigate the road ahead, whatever happens, OK? You're not alone anymore. We'll do our best to help you so you can...
  22. Re: 2 years ago today Roxie crossed the rainbow bridge. Looking back I have regrets..

    Hi. Thank you for coming back to share your thoughts with us. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Doxie-girl, and for your regrets.

    My own doxie passed away approx. 8 months after diagnosis...
  23. Re: Wayne-Newly diagnosed 10-year-old pit mix, horrible reactions to Vetoryl/Trilosta

    I'm so sorry for this new issue. It may be that when his cortisol is higher, it is "masking" symptoms from arthritis (or an injury, like your vet said, especially since it seems to have come on...
  24. Re: Everything Else and then some more - life in general thread

    I hope you all recover from the flu! A coworker of mine passed away last month; she was sent home from work with the flu on Tuesday and Thursday we got the news she had died in her sleep. :( :(
  25. Re: Recovering from possible too high dosage of Vetoryl

    Just throwing this out there - but is there any chance Chloe got into something she shouldn't have? And perhaps Sam got into it as well, only more recently? I would bet that is NOT the issue but...
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