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  1. Re: Winston, 8 year old westie with adrenal tumor

    Winston is showing how it's done! Way to go, Winston! Ya'll keep up the good work and let us hear from you any time you can.
  2. Re: Advice for a newly diagnosed pooch in the UK

    How is Louie handling the increase?
  3. Re: Our 14 year old mutt, Penny

    He is right - dogs who get upset just going to the vet can and do cause elevated numbers on the ACTH. Have you tried having them come outside to do the test? Someone who had a dog like this found...
  4. Re: Our 11 year old mutt, Penny

    Hi, good to hear from you again!

    So Penny has been on the same dose of Vetoryl since 2016, correct? When was her last ACTH? Would you mind posting the results from the latest ACTH?

    If you...
  5. Re: New here. Diagnosis today for our Silver Lab of PD Cushings. Guidance please.

    I have once again merged your latest thread into Athena's original thread. We like to keep all posts about each dog in one thread. That way it is easier to keep up with the history for that dog. ...
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    Re: New to Cushings

    Oh! I have completely missed that she is not being monitored!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek: That is extremely risky on either of these drugs so I do not at all understand her vet's stance UNLESS the vet...
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    Re: New to Cushings

    I'm glad the vet was in and you were able to get Annie in to see him! As for the Lyso dose, the first thing I would do is some serious research on drug interactions with the meds, and class of meds,...
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    Re: Calcinosis Cutis Questions

    Hi and welcome to you and Henry,

    In addition to the CC thread in Everything Else, one of our former members dealt with CC in her precious Pug, Tobey. Sadly Tobey is no long with us but her story...
  9. Re: Cushings, coritzol, calcinosis cutis, and inflamation

    Hi and welcome to and Reggie!

    Unfortunately CC will not get better without treatment - it gets progressively worse. Since you say her skin has improved off the Trilo I am wondering about the...
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    Re: New to Cushings

    I hope you are enjoying your trip! Fishing or doing anything in a northern clime sounds WONDERFUL to me down here in Arkansas! :D I swear I am a misplaced Siberian citizen. LOL Be careful and let...
  11. Re: Update on Athena

    Here with you all the way.

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    Re: New to Forum. General Questions

    Hi and welcome to you and Lucky!

    The ACTH results are good so no worry there. So you can identify when the cortisol has fallen too low the signs you will see are loose stools/diarrhea,...
  13. Re: A Question on Side Effects of New Medication

    I am so sorry for the loss of your precious baby boy. I hope you are healing a bit as time passes but I know it isn't easy when another of your babies is sick as well.

    That SDMA result would be...
  14. Re: My havanese pup has been diagnosed with cushings

    Hi and welcome to you and Snoopy!

    It's been a few days now and I am curious if Snoop is still showing the same reaction following the Vetoryl? And - have you seen any loose stools or diarrhea,...
  15. Re: Update on Athena


    I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you on this but Marianne has kindly found one of my posts concerning blindness in dogs that covers everything I can think of telling you....
  16. Re: Kashmir - Cushpup with possible macro adenoma (Kashmir is now free)

    Dear Lori,

    My heart is shattered to hear your news. We come to love our babies here almost as if they were our own and it is never easy to read such loving posts as yours about the most difficult...
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    Re: New Diagnosis and 7 day update

    So I'm confused...nothing unusual unfortunately! You say the vet recommended 3mg of Vetoryl twice a that in addition to the 20 mg once a day you posted earlier (5/19) or has that 20 mg...
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    Re: Koko - Traveling Dog Around Town

    Glad for such positive news, Addy! I hope this is the last scare the little booger gives you!

  19. Re: Daisy - 6yo labrador diagnosed with Cushings (Daisy has passed)

    Dear Ashley,

    I am so so sorry to hear about sweet Daisy. :( I know your heart is shattered - I've been there too many times so I know what you are feeling today. Please know your precious girl...
  20. Re: Kashmir - Cushpup with possible macro adenoma

    Squirt was a cush pup, Fox was not. I did not have any testing done on either of them other than maybe an xay on Squirt, I can't remember. I felt I had learned enough thru the cush journey to be...
  21. Re: Recently diagnosed with Cushings-starting with Cushex M

    Hi and welcome to you and Manny!

    There really isn't any "best" food for a cush pup other than low fat. High protein foods work well with dogs that are very active - as in sled dogs, agility dogs,...
  22. Re: Kashmir - Cushpup with possible macro adenoma

    Hi and welcome to you and Kashmir!

    My Squirt developed doggy dementia. At first she just slowly withdrew, sleeping more and more then she started doing more obvious things like going to the wrong...
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    Re: Too Much Grief

    One of my favorite quotes:

    “Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears. And how else can it be?
    The deeper that...
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    Re: Koko - Traveling Dog Around Town

    So glad to hear things went well and pray the path report comes back all clear! Let us know when you can!
  25. Sticky: Re: Reunion!! — 10th Anniversary Celebration for

    Some of our former members aren't able to post here; it's just too hard to revive the memories, they can't remember their log in info, or they were members at but never members of K9C. With...
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