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  1. Re: Daisy: 10-year-old Pit Bull/Boxer Mix with Cushing's; questions about Vetoryl dos

    That's great!!
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    Re: My Beautiful Buddy Boy

    Sending huge loving hugs ♥♥
  3. Re: My havanese pup has been diagnosed with cushings

    The enlargement of the adrenal glands could be due to just the use of the Trilostane as it is known to have that effect on them.
  4. Re: My havanese pup has been diagnosed with cushings

    It usually takes around 2 weeks to see improvements in thirst and hunger, but all dogs react differently so the decrease in drinking in one week wouldn't worry me too much. Glad he likes those...
  5. Re: Kashmir - Cushpup with possible macro adenoma

    I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Kashmir, he sure was a beautiful boy. We are here for you, always.

    With Heartfelt Sympathy,
  6. Re: My havanese pup has been diagnosed with cushings

    According to this article titled: "Gall Bladder Mucoceles: An Emerging Disease Syndrome in the Dog," only about 50% of dogs have elevated bilirubin.

    Link to the article:...
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    Re: Bad effects from Vetoryl

    Since Dr. Bruyette said he couldn't determine whether Zimmy has Cushing's until the hyperparathyroidism is treated, how did the IMS determine that Zimmy does have Cushing's?
  8. Re: Kashmir - Cushpup with possible macro adenoma

    Huge hugs from me too.
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    Re: New Diagnosis and 7 day update

    It can take a long while to see improvement in their hair. The melatonin may help, I believe the type on melatonin you want is the regular kind not the fast acting or rapid releasing.
  10. Re: Cushings, coritzol, calcinosis cutis, and inflamation

    Hi and welcome to you and Reggie!

    Cortisol does have natural anti-inflammatory properties so that high cortisol could of helped with her paw but unfortunately it will make the calcinosis cutis...
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    Re: Unable to access articles?

    Hi and welcome to you and your furbaby!

    The forum does not utilize the article tab but you should be able to access our Helpful Resource sub-forum:...
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    Re: Butterflies!

    I have clay soil where I live which can be hard for anything to grow in but our native milkweed, named common, seems to have no issue with this soil, it grows beautifully with multiplying every year....
  13. Re: New Cushing's Diagnosis - Vetoryl Concern

    Hi and welcome to you and Margot!

    We are so glad you found your way here but are sorry for the reasons that brought you to us. Although her LDDS test was positive it can yield a false positive...
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    Re: Koko - Traveling Dog Around Town

    So glad that the surgery went well and will be praying for a speedy recovery!

    Love and hugs, Lori
  15. Re: New Diagnosis not sure where to go from here or what to expect

    Hi and welcome to you and Shelby from me as well!

    Marianne has given you some great information and I agree with everything she has said. I just have a comment regarding her picky appetite, I see...
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    Re: Dixie Doodlebug

    Hi and a belated welcome from me as well!

    I totally agree with Marianne, cushdogs rarely have a high specific gravity such as your girl does. The protein loss found in the urine, I believe, should...
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    Re: Attitude for gratitude

    Oh Joan, happy tears streaming down my face too!
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    Re: Butterflies!

    I get the eggs myself. Monarchs prefer milkweed to lay their eggs on because it's the only plant that the caterpillar will eat. I have milkweed that grows around my house, I go out and I search all...
  19. Sticky: Re: Reunion!! — 10th Anniversary Celebration for

    WOW!! Can't believe it's been 10 years! Man, time flies! A lot of beautiful, sometimes tearful but unforgettable memories on this forum.
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    Re: My big boy Gable

    Those numbers look good to me too. Joan, is he urinating more too? Just wondering if the output equals the input of water?
  21. Sticky: Re: Reunion!! — 10th Anniversary Celebration for

    Oh Natalie,

    It is so good to hear from you! I don't know what we would do without you, we are continuing grateful for the temporary home you provided us with when the old forum was shut down, and...
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    Re: My Lovely Luna

    So happy to read that everything went well!!!! Huge hugs and loving kisses to you both!!
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    Re: My Lovely Luna

    Thinking about you both today and sending positive energy and healing thoughts with love....♥♥♥
  24. Re: 15 year old cocker spaniel on Vetoryl...dose too high

    Is the blood bright red or a black tarry color? Also, is he drinking a normal amount of water? One herb I would recommend is slippery elm bark:
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    Re: New to Thread

    Could you post those values that are abnormal along with the reference ranges and units of measurement?

    What were those ACTH stim results and what did Blue Pearl advise to do?

    As far as dog...
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