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Louie's Mom
07-03-2009, 12:22 AM
It looks like we won't be receiving the large shipment of food that we had anticipated. Therefore, I'm hoping that anyone who hasn't yet called around to see if they can find cans of the Royal Canin Digestive Low Fat with FISH as the first ingredient will do so, and sooner rather than later, since we have lost a couple of weeks' time.

Our original goal with the food drive was 900 cans. I have about 400 cans on hand at the moment and hope to receive at least 500 more. If you can find them, I will purchase them from you. Please call your local veterinarian to see if they have this food in stock. I have a prescription that I can give you if it is needed.

See www.savelouie.com and http://savelouie.blogspot.com for details.

Thank you,

Laura and Louie.

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Louie's Mom
07-11-2009, 01:32 AM
Wanted to come back to this and let you all know that our latest diet trial, with tofu, seems to be working out and I am hopeful that we've at long last determined another protein that Louie can eat. This will help release us from our dependency on this discontinued food, and will help me stretch the food that I have on hand for quite a while.

Thank you to anyone who looked for this food. It is very much appreciated.