View Full Version : How to edit title of thread?

11-12-2013, 03:55 AM
Hello all! Is there any way to do this? I am new to this forum and wasn't thinking that the way to kind of do things is to keep one thread with all of your dog's info to reference back to.

Well... when I made my first thread about my dog, I wasn't thinking about that, I was thinking about making a title that would grab someone's attention about his skin. haha Everytime I read it now, I picture Paula Deen or something with my "y'all" that I put in there haha

Any help? If not, I will just start a new thread because I just started posting so there's not too much info on there but enough for me to ask to salvage it!!!

Thank you!

11-12-2013, 07:43 AM
Only staff members are able to edit thread titles, but we are happy to do so in order to reflect a change in a dog's condition or treatment. It's not something we want to do frequently just for transitory reasons. But for sure, if you are unhappy with your original title and want to supply more currently accurate info, you can send a Private Message to me or any other staffer and we will be happy to make that change. Or you can even just add a new reply containing the request to your thread and one of us will take care of it as soon as we see it. Either way, just tell us what you want the new title to say.