View Full Version : With respect, my first post is an introspective

05-31-2013, 12:28 PM
I have 2 dogs, lost a few pets, and remember all back to my first, a hound, "Boy" when I was about 9.
Our 2 dogs, Maltese, one a 'rescue', both have ailments. That's how I got 'here.'
I expect to post once I've read some here. Thanks for the opportunity in advance.

Dog-gedly Cat-erwauling

A pet is the rubbing at your knees
A floating hair that makes you sneeze.
Licking tongue, liquid eyes .....
'say'..... pleeeease ?
‘Mistakes’ and surprises and ...
sometimes fleas .
A clawed up chair, a gnawed on shoe
A chewed up sweater, litter box..
.. Oh pee yew!
A lump of fur invades the bed,
A purring thing beside your head.
Constantly wanting out or in
Woofing or mewing-a raucous din
Pleading and whining for a walk
Patiently waiting a bird to stalk
“Not that again” she seems to say
Though gobbled down the other day.
What a job that dreaded bathing
then he rolls in something rotting
Hair balls gagged on carpet floors
Scent glands used on exit doors
But then........
Years by 7’s pass so quickly
Beloved pets become old and sickly
Sad consultation with the ‘Vet’
Consider though the suffering pet

........Ah geeze..... the ache, tears flood the eyes
......Alas our heart breaks...
..........and In part too .....dies.

[]D eeves