View Full Version : Apollo 6 months and still missing you

03-10-2013, 10:40 PM
My sweet little angel. Not a day goes by that you are in my thoughts.
You fought so hard and strong for me. All the love and prayers I said everyday did not save you. I drive by places we went and the tears just flow.
You made me laugh, you made me love, you made me care.
The nights are the worst.
1998, when I got you , I knew nothing about dogs. Because of you , I fell in love with dogs,noticed animals more than before. I was so scared to take care of you. And then it happened, you worked your way into my heart and have never left. You ate my new shoes and all I could do was laugh. You followed me everywhere. I'd dance with you and you just looked at me and said okay. You were very reserved with kisses, lucky to get a touch from your nose. So smart to learn a new command. Very regal when you meet another dog. They had to come to you first, after all you are the king. You loved to play with your toys. I'd throw the ball and you'd run away with it and put it in your dog house, no way would you bring it back to me. Your idea of a walk, was me driving you on a trip. You loved looking out the window in your car sit. I cannot believe you are gone. I look at your pictures every day. My beautiful little boy.
Love Mom

03-11-2013, 07:35 AM
Thinking of you Sonja, hoping for a peaceful day for you

Big hug

Mel and my angel Tia