View Full Version : Electrolytes : first-aid and emergency product for our pets

Truffa's Mom
05-07-2009, 09:40 PM
Since our pets are quite often facing stressful situations, I think that this product might be very useful to have in hand in our homes.

For Large Dogs:
http://www.petwellbeing.com/nupro-electrolyte-formula-large-dogs-p106.cfm (http://www.petwellbeing.com/nupro-electrolyte-formula-large-dogs-p106.cfm)

For small dogs (40 Lbs or less) :
http://www.petwellbeing.com/nupro-electrolyte-formula-small-dogs-p105.cfm (http://www.petwellbeing.com/nupro-electrolyte-formula-small-dogs-p105.cfm)

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