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Wally P's Mom
03-14-2010, 01:57 AM
Hello All:

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you over the years. Wally was finally diagnosed last spring with Typical/Atypical Cushings. It was confirmed with a UTenn panel. He took maintenance doses of Lysoden. Then in the early summer of last year, he crashed. It was gradual and with all the advice and wisdom gained through this site, I caught things early.

He is now being treated for Addisons. The pot belly is gone and his hair is full. Wally is full of energy. The likes that I have not seen in years.

I am truly grateful to my cushings family for an education that had helped me early on. I think of you often.

Many heartfelt thanks.

Wally P's Mom and Wally P.

03-14-2010, 06:49 AM
I am so very glad to hear from you and Wally, thank you for the update and please continue to let us know how things are going.

It is good to hear how well he is doing!


03-14-2010, 07:52 AM
Oh, it is wonderful to hear from you two again!

I'm sorry that you went through a rough patch last summer, but delighted to hear how well Wally is doing now!! :) :)

When you have the chance, would you please tell us more about Wally's current treatment for Addison's? I'm thinking that may give some peace of mind to many folks who are feeling hesitent about starting Cushing's treatment out of fear that their pups may end up suffering from an Addison's episode. It is not the end result that we are typically seeking, but from Wally's experience, it is so very good to know that it is manageable and that the doggies can continue to do very well afterwards.

Thanks in advance, and once again, GREETINGS!

P.S. I even took the liberty of editing your thread title to reflect how well Wally is doing -- I hope that is OK!

Wally P's Mom
03-14-2010, 01:50 PM
Hello All:

Thank you for changing the header. It is wonderful to talk again with all of you.

For those of you that do not know, Wally was a difficult case to diagnose. We went for several years before we had a firm diagnosis of Atypical/Typical Cushings. This was given to us about a year ago.

Wally was on a maintenance dose of lysoden. He was doing fine and his cortisol levels were still pretty high. Last June, he decided to stop taking his lysoden. Wally knew before the rest of us. He was vomitting daily and eventually stopped eating and became lethargic. His vomit was like clock work and only once a day. Making a crash seem not possible at first. The vet was on vacation and I had sent her pictures and clips of his movement. She gave the clinic very specific directions to be followed.

His electrolytes were out of balance and his cortisol levels were extremely low. Wally was now Addisons or as we call it he is an A Dog. He currently takes a low dose of pred daily and has his "lytes" checked monthly prior to his monthly percorten injection.

It is easier to mange than the cushings. I am not handling lysoden anymore. As for Wally, he is playful as a pup. His coat is gorgeous and fluffy. He has hair where there has been no hair for a long time. He lost a lot of weight (peak wieght was 32 pounds and he now weighs 25 pounds).

The worst part was the unknown. I did not know much about A Dogs and what to expect. That was the scariest part was the not knowing. I give this forum credit for educating me on Cushings and what to look for if he crashed. His crash was not as harsh as what I have read regarding other dogs and I think we were lucky. I just think we caught things early. My advice is to watch your dogs and know your dogs behavior.

Things now are good with Wally.

03-14-2010, 07:43 PM
I remember you and Wally!!!:D So happy to hear the good news and that he is doing so well!

Thank you so much for checking in here....I needed that!!! :D:D

Hugs, Beth

03-15-2010, 11:38 AM
Welcome back Marge.

Some Drs. believe that Addison's is easier to treat and it seems in Wally's case you would agree.

Either way it is still a serious condition and it is very good to hear that Wally is stable with his current treatment.

Looking forward to hearing more.

Best from us. Scott

Wally P's Mom
03-15-2010, 01:25 PM
No doubt Scott, both of these conditions are very serious.

I have attached a Needs Medication tag to his collar in case we may be separated.

At home, there is an ICE list of instructions if a need arises.

I am traveling next month for work. Just an overnight trip, Wally and the whole gang will come with. I don't think that I would want to board him as it may cause him stress. Wally has always liked to go for a ride.

In May, we will go on our vacation to Missouri. I already have a vet down there for emergency purposes and the closest ER clinic. I located the vet last year after the cushing diagnosis. We are in e-mail contact with our local vet, just in case.

Most days, I thank God for Wally and the success at the remarkable hurdles that he has overcome.


03-15-2010, 06:31 PM
Most days, I thank God for Wally and the success at the remarkable hurdles that he has overcome.


With your love and assistance.


Wally P's Mom
02-21-2011, 03:56 PM

I am perplexed. Wally essentially passed out on me on Saturday. We rushed him to the ER figuring it was an Addisons' crisis. (He is an A-Dog, former Cushings' Dog.) He was 4 days away from his DOCP injection and would make sense. Nothing strange had happened up to that point during the day. He ate, pottied and was his usually self.

By the time we got to the ER and he had recovered. Vitals were good and he was borderline ready for his injection. We had it given and when he came home, he could hardly walk. It was like his back went out. I thought it was injection related and would wear off in a couple of hours.

Well, he got better and then worse. And of course going to the vet's this morning, recovered. But with his blood work done this morning, his blood counts had fallen since Saturday when they were normal.

He is scheduled to go back tomorrow for a CBC and more x-rays. The doctor on duty said nothing to worry about. His #2 doctor said to come back and he wanted to retake one of the films and take a different view.

Wally has had a better day. He played a little, ate and has had very light colored bowel movements. Good because he is not bleeding internally.

Worried, of course. Has anybody ever had a dog just pass out and not because of being tired? My husband thought he died in my arms.

Any suggestions? I am open to them.

Thanks in advance for your help.


02-21-2011, 10:26 PM
What a scare. I don't have any answers or ideas, but I do send a ton of healing prayers for Wally.
Hoping it is a freaky one-time incident.
Keep us posted.
Hugs ~ Mary Ann

02-22-2011, 06:21 AM
Oh Marge,

That is so very scary. I do have some experience with this and not to alarm you, but did your vet mention anything about his heart. My Clancy would just pass out and it turned out he had congestive heart failure.

Please keep us updated.

02-22-2011, 07:14 AM
Sending you and dear Wally hugs and warm thoughts today. Kim

02-22-2011, 04:36 PM
I have no personal experience Marge, but Terry's comment makes sense in particular with P's advanced age.

Hoping you know more soon and thinking about you both.


Wally P's Mom
02-23-2011, 01:40 AM
Thank you friends for your well wishes.

We returned to the vet today. His blood counts were normal.

We took a few more x-rays. The redo of the heart was because they saw a skin fold on the film and wanted to make sure it was that. His heart is big, but not enlarged as it fits the definition and considering the breed, normal. I also had them take an x-ray of the abdomen. Nothing really out of Wally's norm there. His liver was large, but considering his liver enzymes and his medical history, not unusual. Nothing unusual about his adrenals either.

The heart sounded good with no murmur or anything irregular.

Right now, because the DOCP was 4 days away or day 26 in his cycle, the thought returns to an Addison crisis. The vet thinks there was something stressful happening with him that caused this. I can't think of what it may have been.

An example, Christmas was stressful this year for him. After Christmas dinner, he simply crashed on his bed and could not lift his head. Yes, he had his DOCP just days prior and I popped him a pred and back to life he came a little while later.

I know it seems unlikely, but it is the only thing that explains this. Addison's crisis as explained to me manifest themselves in many forms.

Tomorrow, we have his lytes rechecked and readjust his med's.


02-23-2011, 05:17 AM
Thanks for the report Marge.

Hoping it is just a passing blip related to the medical treatment for Addison's.

Thinking about you both, please contiue to let us know even if it is just a new picture:D

Hugs to you and Wally. Scott

Wally P's Mom
02-23-2011, 04:13 PM
Thanks Scott.

Wally had his lytes checked this morning and we are making a rebound. He'll go back next week to be rechecked again.

I did ask about heart failure and there was no indication of it. It is strongly thought that all of this is related to his Addisons. Unusual, yes, but for Wally it is the norm. He never did read the book that came with him.

If I posted a picture of Wally today, you would swear he is a different dog.


PS I did post some pictures of Wally. I included his before and after pictures. I also posted a picture of what he looked like when he crashed when he had Cushings.

02-24-2011, 08:14 AM
Thanks for the update Marge.

I am glad to hear his heart has checked out okay.

continue to keep us posted.

02-24-2011, 08:27 AM
How often does he get the DOCP? I remember reading in several places that it is given every 25 days. If he had gone 26 days maybe this explains why this happened.

I just looked it up and here (http://www.petplace.com/drug-library/desoxycorticosterone-percorten-v/page1.aspx) and it says that it lasts from 21 to 30 days. Maybe Wally P isn't lasting the 30 days?

This one mentions the 25 schedule: http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=2+2097&aid=520


Wally P's Mom
02-24-2011, 12:01 PM
Wally can typically go 28-30 days between injections and has done fine. I participate on another forum and other dogs can go longer.

With Addison's, the med's are given and gradually reduced to it's lowest tolerable levels. Even how the injection is given, either IM or SQ varies between dogs. Wally right now is IM and will probably change to SQ because of his attack.

His injection for March is scheduled for day 25 this time and we will go from there.

Even his daily pred is adjusted based upon circumstance. If we have company, he gets more pred. I am slowly finding out what his stressors are that indicate he needs more pred.

Wally P's Mom
03-13-2011, 02:04 PM
Hello All:

I have turned to you for support once again.

Fritz woke us up this morning to tell us that Wally vomited in bed. A few loose stools, lethargy and a dose of pred and off to the ER we went. Though being an Adog crisis.

Wally had his electrolytes checked. They were good. However, they did some x-rays and a quick ultrasound. The ER doc did not see any contrast in the xrays and did the US. She found a growth about the size of an orange.

His abdomen x-rays last month had contrast and showed an enlarged liver, but nothing abnormal.

Thought process being that he has liver cancer. The vets want a more through US tomorrow.

Wally's regular doc wants us to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Surgery is questionable because of the stress with his back and being an Adog.

I needed to get this off my chest and spend my day with Wally. Please keep him in your prayers today.


Harley PoMMom
03-13-2011, 02:21 PM
I'll definitely be sending positive energy your way and keeping you and sweet Wally in my thoughts and prayers.

Love and hugs,

Squirt's Mom
03-13-2011, 03:01 PM
Hi Marge,

Sending positive thought and many prayers to you and Wally P today. Please keep us informed and know that we are here any time you wish to talk.


03-13-2011, 04:51 PM
Marge, you can count on me as well! Wally is in my thoughts and prayers from this moment onward.


03-13-2011, 04:54 PM
Hugs, prayers, warm thoughts and strength being sent for you and Wally. Kim

03-13-2011, 10:50 PM
Marge, adding more healing thoughts and prayers for the best.
And an extra special belly rub.
Hugs ~ Mary Ann

Wally P's Mom
03-14-2011, 07:29 PM
Hello All:

Thank you for your prayers as they brought us both good and bad news.

First the good news, the mass they saw on the liver is actually not attached to the liver.

The bad news, his adrenal glands are both basically masses. They can not be removed because Wally also has developed a mass in his vena cava. This would explain his passing out three weeks ago.

We are going to start him on a drug and see if his activity increases and he becomes more Wallyesque. Need to also see an improvement in his breathing. On and off slightly labored. On Wednesday, he is due for his DOCP. We will re-examine things then. Also, if he has another episode then it will be time for him to join Lady at the bridge.

So far, he has some spunk and fight in him and that is a wonderful thing.

Keep us in your thoughts as we enter a new phase in this journey. I am not sure how good it will be. However, in the end, it will be the best for Wally.


03-14-2011, 08:27 PM
What can I say - except swear words. This is not what I hoped to hear.
I know that you will put Wally's needs and comfort first, regardless of the emotional cost to you. Cherish every moment with your precious boy.
More special belly rubs.
Will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.
Hugs ~ Mary Ann

Wally P's Mom
03-15-2011, 01:09 PM

It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you that Wally has joined Lady at the bridge this morning.

Wally had a difficult night last night and begun to pass on his own. This morning in the presence of myself, my husband and his two vets, we assisted him in passing.

There is no more pain, Addison's Disease, bad backs and anything else that was afflicting him.

I sent the US doctor an e-mail to inform her about his passing. She replied back that he choose to pass last night after his last test. Wally wanted us to know that we did everything that we could for him and there was nothing more left to do. Not to be confused or sad about the final act of love shown to him. I always thought he never knew how sick he was. Wally always put up a tough dog front.

I want to personally thank all of you that have come along with us on Wally's journey. The prayers, well wishes and words of advice have always been well received.

God bless each and every one of you. Give your puppies all an extra hug tonight in Wally's honor.


Cindy Thoman
03-15-2011, 01:32 PM
I am a new member to this site but I just wanted to let you know my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time.

03-15-2011, 02:07 PM
Marge, I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband.

Godspeed, sweet Wally.


03-15-2011, 02:34 PM
Oh Marge. Sending you so many hugs upon the loss of your brave, sweet boy. I was so hoping that you all would have a bit more time together. But it was time for Wally to be released. Now he's joined our other loved ones:


Please know that my thoughts and my heart are with you. I know that Wally is already running alongside Lady and all our other beloved babies at The Bridge.


03-15-2011, 03:26 PM
OMG, Marge, I am so sorry to hear your sad news. You were the best Mom and certainly did everything within your power for Wally. You were both so lucky to have had each other. I know you are devastated but please know we are standing beside you in spirit and please feel the tight hugs we are sending your way.
To Wally: Run free little man with all your friends across the Rainbow Bridge. Fly with the sun warming your face and gentlev breezes at your back. I will look for your twinkling star in the desert sky tonight. God bless and godspeed, precious prince.
Love & hugs,

03-15-2011, 05:47 PM

I was already sad hearing the news that time was running out for Wally but I didn't expect the shock of hearing he had passed. Such a brave boy deserves to be pain free, I'm just so sorry it means you don't get to have him with you. Godspeed Wally.


03-15-2011, 07:26 PM
Dear Marge and family, I am just crushed by this news and feel so bad for you.. I know this was tough but you know you did all you could for dear Wally and he is now free from all pain. May all the wonderful memories sustain you as you heal. Much love, Kim

03-15-2011, 10:27 PM
Tears in my eyes, pain in my heart, and sorrow for words.
This is just so hard.
Godspeed, brave Wally, Godspeed.
Hugs ~ Mary Ann

Casey's Mom
03-15-2011, 10:33 PM
Dear Marge, I am so sad to hear about Wally - he was so loved and you were such a great mom. Godspeed dear Wally.

Love and many hugs,

03-16-2011, 06:06 AM
Dearest Marge,

I am so very sorry to read about Wally. My heart is with you.


03-16-2011, 07:22 PM

I'm so very sorry to learn of Wally's passing... he was obviously much loved by his devoted family.


03-16-2011, 10:15 PM
I am so sorry for the passing of your beloved Wally. May he now be pain free and be at peace knowing you loved and cared for him.
Hugs Sonja and Apollo

Squirt's Mom
03-17-2011, 09:05 AM
Dear Marge,

This was my first stop this morning and am so saddened to hear of Wally P's passing. He has earned his wings and watches over you all every moment, love shining from his eyes.

Our deepest sympathies,
Leslie, Squirt, Trinket, Brick and our Angels, Ruby and Crystal

Wally P's Mom
03-17-2011, 11:54 AM
Thank you all for your kind words about our Wally.

We went back to the vet yesterday to take Fritz in for his shots and blood work. All of the usual stuff you do for your pup. His blood work showed his ALP has increased from 110 to a little more than 300. With all that we been through, my heart has sunk. We will retest in a month and see what will come of it. Hopefully, nothing. If it has increased, I told Mark that we would do a UofTenn panel immediately or consider an ultrasound. Physically, there are no signs of Cushings except some hair loss but that is common in Doxies.

Please keep Fritz in your thoughts.

On a Wally note, we were asked for a photo of Wally for the vet's office as they would like to hang it on the wall. We should receive his cremains back tomorrow.

Our grief is deep and painful. I would like that to dull but I know it take time.


04-16-2011, 06:33 AM
My heart is still with you Marge. Terry

I have provided the link to the wonderful story of Wally written by Marge in our In Loving Memory section.

Wally P. Dogge 09/27/1999-03/15/2011 (http://www.k9cushings.com/forum/showthread.php?p=52987#post52987)