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03-10-2010, 05:36 AM
Hi everyone,

Here i am again asking for advice. Ok this is Bubba, 3yrs old,white ,g.s.d . Bubba is a rescue of sorts,he was rehomed to me as the owners couldnt cope with him. So he came to live with us Feb 2007 at 6 months old.
He had not been exercised properly, and i had concerns about muscle wastage and hip problems, once we started a sensible routine with him i had hoped his he legs and hips would improve,this was agreed with the vet.

April 2007 Bubba kept falling over ,losing his balance, he never passed out ,he just got so wobbly on his legs ,it sometimes took him by surprise and i would have to get hold of him to steady him again ,then he'd be fine.He had been sick a few times and i stopped giving him bones and dog treats .I fed him on James wellbeloved for sesitive stomachs but he was a very fussy eater .Bubba didnt seem to want to eat alot. I also noted that his gums would turn a pale colour any time he had a turn .

10th April 2007
I booked him into vets for xrays to check his legs and hips.
E.C.G Trace for his heart.

HIPS: where really good.

which can be congenital in G.S.D & can resolve usually by 2 yrs old.

Neutered July 2007 ,very high sex drive and wouldnt leave Arwen alone and she is spayed ,which made no difference to Bubba.
Bubba had to have small walks and slowly his legs got stronger ,he seemed to be doing alot better until we moved house.
We moved from the country into town November 2007.
Bubba was ok for about a year till November 2008

Bubba started being sick,pale gums ,sleeping alot,tired easy,his coat after he was neutered became dry,and not as healthy as it was,he hasnt lost any hair like Arwen.His seemed alot more stressed and nervous after being neutered and would bark at the slightest thing.

17 November 2008


URINE - pH 6.5, S.G; 1.020,rest -ve

19 NOVEMBER 2008


BLOOD - Biochem GHP,Haemat & Elec

Examination -GHP ; all WNL ,HAEM ; HGB ;18.4 {12-18},rest WNL,
Electrolytes ; Na + : 141 {144-160}
K + : >10 {3.5 -5.8}
Na :K 14.1:1

On Xray cant see obvious Megaoesophagus,gas in intestines and small amount in stomach....

Now i dont know the sequence of events that day,all i know is Bubba took really ill in the vets ,he was so ill the vet was really concerned,still to this day i dont know what happened ,all i know is Bubba was treated in the way a dog would if it was in showing signs of Addisonians Crisis,but ACTH came back ,no addisons,cushings .

Thats the first chapter,im going for a break and i will chat later .

Suz ,hugs for the doggies xxx

03-10-2010, 02:03 PM
Okay, Suz, I'll be waiting for the second chapter.