View Full Version : Happy 13th Birthday Harley!!

Harley PoMMom
10-01-2009, 01:50 AM
Today my boy turns into a teenager, 13 to be exact!! It was the beginning of February when I first noticed that Harley was urinating and drinking excessively, thought it was diabetes, because, you know he was getting some years on him...but no his glucose was normal (and still is...Thank God) and then this Cushings journal started.

"Harley has Cushings"...I can still hear those words and remember how terrified I was when I heard them, and then by some miracle I found all of you on this forum. I really don't know if Harley and I would be celebrating his 13th birthday today if we didn't receive such excellent and knowledgable advice and the most loving support from all of you on this forum...Harley and I love you all.

With my love and heartfelt gratitude for everything you all have done and are doing for Harley and me...Thank You So Much. Harley sends hugs and kisses to you all.

:):D Happy 13th Birthday Harley!! :):D your mommy loves you sooo much.

10-01-2009, 03:12 AM

Love Linda and Spicey

10-01-2009, 06:25 AM
HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY, HARLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you are going to have an extra-special super day!!! Your mom is extra-special!!!

Love ya, Beth, Bailey, always Scoobie, Allo and Pallie

10-01-2009, 06:52 AM
Happy 13th Harley!!!

Hope your day is special. Are you having a slumber party? :D

10-01-2009, 06:54 AM
Big Birthday Smoochies from me and my girls to Harley - Happy Birthday sweetie.


10-01-2009, 07:26 AM
Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday wishes from me and my girls, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:):o:D:):o:D:):o:D:):o:D:):o:D:):o:D:):o:D:):o:D:) :o:D:)

Marianne, Peg and Luna :) :) :)

John II
10-01-2009, 07:55 AM
:D :)Happy 13th Birthday Harley!! :):D

Did you get a birthday chicken? :D

Best birthday wishes from,

John & Angelina

10-01-2009, 09:03 AM

Wishing you good health and a great year ahead.

Love Always,
Steph, Apollo and always Pallie

10-01-2009, 09:35 AM
Happy 13th Birthday Harley!!! Hope you have an awesome day with lots of treats and special times. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Jo-Ann & my Dollydog angel

PS: Your mom is such a blessing to all of us on this forum!! :)

Roxee's Dad
10-01-2009, 10:18 AM
:D:D:D Happy Birthday Harley :D:D:D

Can't wait to hear what a special day your wonderful mom has cooked up for you. :D:):D:):D:)

10-01-2009, 10:19 AM
Hey you handsome dude! Have a fantastic 13th Birthday Bash! :D
Suni sends you a very special birthday kissy. ;)

Hugs to you and mom both!

Shelba and Suni

Squirt's Mom
10-01-2009, 10:36 AM
Happy 13th Birthday, Harley!!!!

Hope you get lots of belly rubs and good treats...Squirt's says to trade the belly rubs for the treats! :p

Leslie and the girls

10-01-2009, 12:00 PM
Oh Lordy Lori,

You know once they become teens you can't tell em anything:eek:

Happy Happy to Harley:D


10-01-2009, 04:55 PM
:D :) :D Happy 13th Birthday Harley!! :D :) :D

Louise & Munchie

10-01-2009, 04:59 PM
Happy Lucky 13th B-Day Harley!!!!!

10-01-2009, 05:29 PM

Congratulations on being a teenager. Shiloh still wants to meet you...she kinda likes you younger guys.

Harley PoMMom
10-01-2009, 11:15 PM
I do believe my teenager had a super day, he got more toys, which he picked out himself...he even picked out some toys for his 2 brothers...Bear, and his not-so-bright brother cat, Alex!! Then we all went for a walk, came back and took naps...hey we're entitled to naps now!! And of course Harley's favorite past-time...Frisbee, he picked out a new frisbee, this one is made of fabric instead of rubber...softer on the teenagers teeth and gums.

Harley dearly thanks everyone for the birthday smoochies, wishes, and especially the special birthday kissy from Sunny...and Shiloh, Harley would be honored to meet you, You my dear Shiloh are a very special girl.

Kim did I hear slumber party...of course, come on over, I'm sure we can talk Angelina's Daddy into making another one or a few of those fabulous chickens...we have to have enough to feed all of our pups!!

Scott..does this mean I am going to get more sass from Harley than I already do now...actually he's pretty good with me, it's the lab tech and where they put their hands on him that he has problems with.

Glynda...Lucky 13...OMGosh, it never dawned on me. Yes, this has to be Harley's lucky year.

Leslie, John, and Jo-Ann...Harley did get treats today, and Leslie, he did exactly as you posted, whenever I tried to love up on him he was like..."Come on mom, either throw the flippin frisbee or give me a treat."

To our dear friends Louise, Steph, Marianne, Terry, Beth, Linda, Ken, and Shelba, thank you so much for joining in the celebration of my boys 13th birthday...we love you all and we couldn't of done this without you ALL.

Love and hugs.
Harley and Lori

Wylie's Mom
10-02-2009, 10:34 AM
belated :D:p:Dhappy 13th birthday harley!!!!:D:p:D

Harley PoMMom
10-02-2009, 06:42 PM
Harley thanks you so much, Susy for the birthday wish and he wanted you all to know that his mommy finally got around to posting some pics. of him and his brothers in an album...hope you all enjoy them. :D

Love and hugs.

10-05-2009, 02:12 PM
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to my buddy Harley:D:D..........we need to have a big puppy party with all our Cushings pups;)......sending lots of sloppy wet puppy kisses your way........

Zoe Claire and Mommy too

10-05-2009, 11:08 PM
:):):)Happy 13th Birthday Harley!!!:):):)

Sorry we missed your special day!!!
Hope it was great!!!

Dorothy and Mikey

10-07-2009, 07:52 PM
It's a very belated Happy Birthday from us too! Sorry we missed it but glad it was so good.