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Squirt's Mom
08-10-2009, 11:35 AM
Tammy and I have noticed more panting with the hulls. I have noticed Squirt's water intake increase even tho the output hasn't. Has anyone else noticed any changes since starting the hulls - positive or negative?

Has anyone tested via the UTK panel following a period on the hulls and what did the results show? Any changes is blood work on the labs?

And all that math!!! :eek: Could we put all those percentages and formulas here? Like the 8% lignan in the purified caps, etc...if I go back to the caps, how many should Squirt get to be enough? Is there a % or mg per body weight (BW) to shoot for?

Someone mentioned lignans from some sort of tree...are there other sources of lignans that may work better than the hulls or caps and is there any info on that?

If we can gather all the info we have here, it would help me tremendously and maybe help someone else as well. :)

Leslie and the girls

Harley PoMMom
08-10-2009, 01:37 PM
Hi Leslie,

Harley started on the hulls from the start (almost 3 months), so I don't have anything else to compare to but to his last estradiol test and last CBC and Chemistry tests in which his estradiol was 132.2, now 116.4, ALT was 208, now 188, his ALP went from 416 to 1289...expected...but his ALBUMIN went from 4.6 (H) and since he's been on the hulls or better food?, to 4.2 which is within normal range, besides his BUN just creeping out of normal range all of CBC and Chemistry #'s are within normal ranges and they are close to each other...I mean like his CHLORIDE from 3/16/09 was 108, now from 7/22/09 it is 107.

I don't notice Harley panting more, and he drinks less water than he pees out. :eek:

Don't know if this helps or not.

PS. I think this is how to do the math.

One vegetable capsule contains:
Flax lignan extract (LinumLife Extra) (standardized at 20% SDG)(seed) 40 mg

20% is 1/5 of 100% (or 100 divided by 20 = 5)
40 mg divided by 5 = 8 mg lignans
Each 40 mg capsule contains 8 mg lignans

Say pup weighs 40 lbs. This pup needs 40 mg according to UTK treatment sheet. you would need to give 5 capsules to this pup. 5 * 8 mg = 40 mg

(Suggested approximate daily dose of lignan is one milligram (mg) per pound of body weight. From UTK sheet)

Love and hugs.

08-10-2009, 03:06 PM
Hi Leslie,

I am not familiar with some of the terms used, like "hulls" for example, no clue what that means :confused:

But I can tell that Sogno was put on flax seeds for his stools. I am not sure if it's the same kind but Sogno was getting the actual flax seeds, but the seeds were "crushed". Because none "crushed" seeds are too sharp and can actually harm the intestines. Anyway, Sogno was using them to absorp the excess fluids in his intestines so his stools would be firmer. In that regard I can see why a dog would drink more...since the seeds have a huge ability to absorp.

That's all I can tell about flax seeds and drinking more :)

Saskia and Yunah :)