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  1. Chantix
  2. feel good "'movie"'
  3. Losing a Dog
  4. Tramadol
  5. What Dogs Really Think Of Us
  6. Avascular necrosis of the ears
  7. Seasons Greetings to all members
  8. Merry Christmas, 2014, from the Dynamic Duo
  9. From our home to yours!
  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year etc!!!!
  11. A Blessed 2015 to all!
  12. very interesting article from an ex-vet.
  13. New IDEXX Test Detects Kidney Disease in Cats and Dogs Months or Years Earlier...
  14. BEWARE - Rawhide can be deadly!
  15. Prayers, please, for my daughter's dog/Bowser went to the rainbow bridge today
  16. Can anyone help please?
  17. Deaf therapy dog aids patients at hospital, recognizes sign language
  18. Chip - Zanya's brother. 14yo Shiba
  19. A Salute to all our Angels
  20. Bald eagle cams in PA.
  21. Human Cushing's disease
  22. reseach papers on lepto (Canada)
  23. Veterinary recommended dosages for certain medications, vitamins and herbs
  24. The Tipper and Squirt Care for Cushing's Fund, Inc.
  25. Non-surgical neutering for male dogs
  26. Any ideas for a dog's bucket list?
  27. Amira Willighagen singing "O mio babbino caro" (she's 9 years old)
  28. A great app for those with allergic dogs
  29. The other dog
  30. Dr. Jean Dodds on Heartworms
  31. Prescription outreach for pets
  32. Sophie, the Chinese Pug
  33. Loss
  34. Warning -- tears will come when reading!
  35. Stirring tribute to a fallen canine wounded warrior
  36. Tick identifier
  37. Kudos to San Diego County, California
  38. Gratitude and Thanks
  39. Vetericyn Formula Change
  40. Not sure where to post this link...
  41. Gizmo's Mom: Introducing Our Other Pets
  42. Checking in another year later
  43. Pet Protector?
  44. Pet Insurance?
  45. Happy Birthday Scoop
  46. So very sad
  47. Birthday / Thank you .
  48. CKD? Low WBC? Everything else (-:
  49. Home alone in an inflatable e-collar.....
  50. A Thanksgiving Prayer
  51. To our Canadian members...and all others
  52. Trying to adopt Buffy a little sis.
  53. Interesting findings in bloodwork and raw diets, by Dr Jean Dodds
  54. Lens Luxation 7yr old Husky Elly
  55. Seasons Greetings to all my Cush friends
  56. For all of us who are missing family members with paws.
  57. A blessed holiday to all....
  58. Scott's Christmas Poem
  59. My new addition
  60. Happy New Year!!!!
  61. to help you find the best price for prescriptions
  62. Vital Essentials Dog Food Recall
  63. Gift of letting go
  64. Hypothyroidism in Dogs—There’s now an FDA-Approved Treatment
  65. Welcoming Mr Chew Bacca Louie Dogge
  66. Buffy's new little sister, Trixie
  67. Researching all I can about my little Trixie.....
  68. Votes with no dog name(s)
  69. Photo contest over - winners announced!
  70. Dr. Jean Dodds' NutriScan Test
  71. Perdue University Study on Dog Longevity
  72. Help with Former Breeder/Shelter Dog
  73. Concern Over Barnaby's Health
  74. Bag Balm
  75. No mistaking that Lab tail
  76. Soft Sided Play Yard
  77. Dog Nail Clippers
  78. Talking dog....seriously
  79. Anyone Familiar with Transitional Cell Carcinoma?
  80. Tipper and Squirt Care for Cushing's Fund Cookbook
  81. Possible Shortage of Forti-flora
  82. Sibbie
  83. Ontario Vet Loses Licence-Abuse
  84. I've fallen in love.....
  85. My dog is sick
  86. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cushing
  87. What causes Cushing's?
  88. Yorkie with swollen pad - vet says nothing's wrong?!! Advice please.
  89. Check in for Hurricane Matthew
  90. My big boy Gable
  91. Happy thanksgiving!!!
  92. If someone like you...
  93. Pet Insurance and Cushing's
  94. Lego and a cute video
  95. To my family here at K9C
  96. Really, you use it for that????
  97. Jackson and Pepper
  98. Lignans pill/capsule size
  99. Changes for the Tipper and Squirt Care for Cushing's Fund
  100. Thinking of you, Saskia
  101. Everything Else and then some more - life in general thread
  102. Surgical Treatment Option
  103. My buddy Jackson
  104. Salmon poisoning in dogs
  105. Good idea or bad to add another furry family member?
  106. Cabergoline, Retinoic Acid, and other novel pituitary Cushing's treatments
  107. Inappetence in dogs
  108. Lost my boy in December
  109. Happy Father's Day to all our K9C Dads!
  110. Considering a second dog...
  111. SDMA test is FREE for the time being
  112. Fleas!!!!!
  113. Aug. 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse TODAY!!!!
  114. Why pets make us happy and why we love them so much
  115. Texas hurricane harvey and flooding
  116. Calling all Floridans and others in the path of Irma
  117. Beagle Rescues on Long Island or surrounding areas
  118. I need your help!
  119. AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE & LYMPHOMA - Posting for a friend
  120. Raw chicken linked to rare paralysis in dogs
  121. Calcinosis Cutis treatment thread
  122. A bit of humor
  123. Anybody close to Souderton, PA willing to foster a cushdog?
  124. Our newest family member - Vanilla
  125. Emerging study on CBD oil in dogs with Osteoarthritis
  126. Flea treatment - Diatomaceous earth
  127. New test for canine liver disease being studied
  128. New drug for human pheochromocytoma
  129. Lysodren shortage
  130. Scott's Christmas poem
  131. The Invisible Emotional Burden of Caring for a Sick Pet
  132. Old Friends
  133. Attitude for gratitude
  134. Reunion!! — 10th Anniversary Celebration for k9cushings.com
  135. Happy mothers day 2019
  136. Happy Mother's Day
  137. Butterflies!
  138. Flower Power fundraiser for the Tipper and Squirt Care for Cushing's Fund
  139. Holiday Fundraisers for the TIpper and Squirt Care for Cushing's Fund
  140. RIP my Laddie
  141. Corona Virus Pandemic Preparedness
  142. RADA fundraiser for Tipper and Squirt Care for Cushing's Fund
  143. Merry Christmas!!
  144. sunimist logging in