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  1. Links to Cushings Websites (especially helpful for new members!)
  2. Lysodren loading Instructions and related tips
  3. Finding an Internal Medicine Specialist Vet (ACVIM) (N. America and other countries)
  4. Finding an Internal Medicine Specialist Vet (ECVIM) (UK and Europe)
  5. Early Trilostane research study (Royal Vet College, University of London)
  6. Trilostane/Vetoryl Information and Resources
  7. About that "2-year prognosis" ...
  8. Cushing's - Treatment
  9. Test Values and ACTH stimulation test Interpretation
  10. Photos before and after Cushing's treatment with Lysodren
  11. Veterinary medications (product information)
  12. Links for dogs who have Cushings and Diabetes
  13. Thyroid Disease Information
  14. Hypothyroidism/Disorders of the thyroid gland
  15. Milk Thistle/Sam-e and more (for liver "support")
  16. Lysodren Product Insert
  17. Hyperadrenocorticism (Merck Veterinary Manual)
  18. Medical complications associated with untreated Cushings Disease
  19. ACTH Response (stimulation) testing for monitoring Cushing's therapy
  20. Cushing's - Diagnosis
  21. Testing: Laboratory Hints Suggesting Cushing's Syndrome (Brooks)
  22. "Atypical Cushing's"/Congenital adrenal hyperplasia-like syndrome/ Hyperestrinism
  23. Hyperadrenocorticism (Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Chapter 118)
  24. High Blood Pressure (systemic hypertension) in our pets
  25. Veterinary Compounding Brochure
  26. Several interesting and relevant presentations - WSAVA Conference 2002, 2003, 2005
  27. What do those Lab Tests mean? (Sodium:Potassium Ratios, CBC, chemistry panels, urine)
  28. Diagnosis of Canine Hyperadrenocorticism (Ramsey, 2006)
  29. Diagnosis and Therapy of Hyperadrenocorticism (Neiger, Presentation at SCIVAC, 2005)
  30. Guidelines for monitoring Lysodren therapy with ACTH stimulation testing (Auburn)
  31. Flow diagram: Diagnosis of Canine Hyperadrenocorticism (Auburn)
  32. Veterinary Endocrinology Symposium Proceedings (2006)
  33. Canine Cushing’s Syndrome: Diagnosis and Treatment (Rhett Nichols)
  34. Interesting Presentations WSAVA Conference 2006 (Church, Daminet, Reusch, Steiner)
  35. Financial Resources to help with Vet bills
  36. Information About SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome)
  37. Medical Management of Pituitary-Dependent Hyperadrenocorticism (Reine)
  38. Hyperadrenocorticism Associated with Sex Steroid Excess (Greco)
  39. Diagnosis of Hyperadrenocorticism in Dogs (Peterson)
  40. Diagnosing and Treating Cases of Suspected Canine Hyperadrenocorticism or Addison’s
  41. Controversies (and New Information) in Canine Cushing's Syndrome (Behrend)
  42. How to Interpret Tests for Canine Hyperadrenocorticism (Herrtage, Mooney, Bruyette)
  43. Bilateral Adrenocortical Carcinomas Causing Hyperadrenocorticism in a Dog
  44. Trilostane: A therapeutic consideration for canine hyperadrenocorticism (Cook)
  45. Comparing therapies for canine hyperadrenocorticism (Hoskins on Feldman)
  46. Inefficacy of selegiline ("Anipryl") in treatment of canine pituitary-dependent HAC
  47. Communication cornerstone to therapeutic success
  48. How I Treat Pituitary Dependant Hyperadrenocorticism (WSAVA 2008, Church)
  49. Axlund’s Pioneering Treatment for Cushing’s Disease (hypophysectomy)
  50. Canine Pituitary Macrotumors
  51. Ultrasonographic Examination of Endocrine Glands: The Endocrinologists View (Reusch)
  52. Trilostane dosing, monitoring, switching from mitotane to trilostane (Bruyette video)
  53. Finding an ACVS Board Certified Surgeon
  54. Treating Dogs & Current controversies in canine Cushing's syndrome (Graves, Brown)
  55. Thyroid Disease, Diagnostic and Treatment Misunderstandings (Dodds)
  56. Cushing's disease and other adrenal gland disorders (Q&A with Dr. E.C. Feldman)
  57. Evaluation of Twice-Daily Lower-Dose Trilostane Treatment (Dr. Edward Feldman)
  58. Pancreatitis
  59. Canine Diabetes
  60. Canine pituitary dependent hyperadrenocorticism (PDH)
  61. Questions for dog owners considering adrenalectomy
  62. GENERAL GUIDELINES for Vetoryl (trilostane) Dosing & Monitoring with ACTH Stimulation
  63. Cost Savings for Owners of Cushingoid Dogs