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In Loving Memory "We hold them in our arms as long as we can, then we hold them in our hearts forever."

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Old 12-10-2016, 09:21 AM
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Default Re: For Jeanie and Maggie and Jolly

My dear Jeanie,

Yet another December rolls around! It seems as though the months fly by in a blur for me these days. But here we are, with the dawning of another "10th" and the chance to honor all our Rainbow Bridgebabies with love. Upon adding little Jolly and my big Peg to the heavenly pack, we know there is quite a group assembled there now. Each and every one loved forever!

I hope you and Annabel are doing well, and that you've found warm homes and warm hearts to welcome you for the holidays. We are hanging in there ourselves, although these are our first holidays without Peg and that surely does change things a great deal for us all.

OK, I'll close for now. But as always, I am sending many hugs across the miles and my candles will be lit tonight for all our precious babies.

Love, Marianne
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Old 12-10-2016, 11:39 AM
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Default Re: For Jeanie and Maggie and Jolly

My dear friend,

Thank you again for helping my sweet Maggie live on in our hearts. A memory came up on Facebook today with her picture.

I debated, whether to come here today, but I am glad I did. I feel you pain...having the first Christmas without your beloved Peg. The "firsts" are always the hardest, although I still find every year very difficult.

Unfortunately, my life has not gotten any easier. Annabel had a tumor in her mouth, that was wrapped around her jawbone. It grew very fast, so we quickly had it removed. It was even worse, than first thought and had completely obliterated the jawbone, so Dr. Hennessy had to take ore, than he thought he would. He removed the whole lower left jawbone and teeth on the left and also the front. Her little tongue hangs out all of the time....and I was shocked at first....but it only took a few seconds to see that my bright, sweet little girl was still the same...she just looked a little different.

The tumor was cancerous....a squamous cell carcinoma, but the pathology showed that the margins were good, and it only has a 5 to 10% of recurrence. So, we are hoping that she is and remains cancer free.

She can no longer have treats or toys or ice cubes (her favorites), and I puree her food in the food she can no longer chew. That's ok....I just feel sorry that she can't have treats....she pretty much inhaled them without chewing, anyway. She still eats well. She is such a strong, brave little girl!

So, sweet friend....that is my news. We are going to my sister's for Christmas. We did not go Thanksgiving....I thought it would be too much for Annabel....but I made a nice little dinner for myself.

I need to go feed my baby now.....thanks again for thinking of us. I hope you and your family and sweet Luna have a wonderful Christmas.

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Old 12-11-2016, 10:17 AM
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Default Re: For Jeanie and Maggie and Jolly

Oh Jeanie, it's so good to hear back from you although I'm so sorry to hear about Annabel's surgery! That is so good that the chance for a recurrence is so low, though, and I'll surely hope that remains the case. When you think of all the things that can go physically wrong with both us and our pets, it's really a miracle that things go right even as often as they do. You are such a good Momma, and I bet she loves her special puréed food, even though it's different than before.

Speaking of different, we'll be putting up our Christmas tree today and it will feel very different without Peg here to "help" us. Even when she wasn't actively trying to cause mischief with the ornaments, she was so big and her wagging tail so powerful that we were always just one step away from seeing them torn off the tree and hurled across the room! But, of course, I'd take a broken ornament any day if I could trade it for having her back again.

Anyway, it's so good to see you and please continue to take good care throughout the new year, my friend.
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